Sunday, August 16, 2015

Random Wrap Up

Last weekend, Riley and I finally got around to camping in the backyard. It's become a yearly tradition for us - so much so that she insists that I sleep in the tent with her and not her dad. I'll take it. We have fun although she also associates this time with being able to play on her Kindle which will be a big surprise when we go 'real' camping in the future.

Usually, I bring out books and try to get her to bed at a reasonable hour. I knew she was tired so I thought she might fall asleep early. She even shut off the Kindle on her own and laid down around 8:30, but that lasted less than two minutes. I've given up the fight since she doesn't seem to fall asleep before 10:00 or close to. Hey, it may just be camping in the yard, but it's still exciting.

On Saturday (and Sunday) we went over to my rental property to fix the garage door and discovered that there had been hail damage back in May. While I walked around the house and wrote down all the 'to do' items, the neighbor shared with my dad and husband that other neighbors were getting new roofs. Long story short, I was got hail damage too and insurance is covering most of my list so I'm happy about that. If only I could convince them that hail damaged my sidewalk.

While at my rental we got to officially meet the guy next door. His mom moved in the same week I did 13 years ago. She got sick about three years ago and recently died. I've sort of had a chance to meet him in the past when he was yelling at some neighbors, but blew him off for another man with an anger management issue that has lived in that house. Turns out he kicked out the old anger management issue guy and was super nice to us. Even so, he's the type of guy who you want to keep on your good side. He had this big solid guard dog that he had shipped over from Germany. The dog apparently knows three languages, but English isn't one of them so I better brush up on my German commands.

On Monday, we participated in a practice bus ride to prepare Riley for kindergarten. The first half hour was incredibly boring and focused more on the safety issues parents might want to know about (camera's on the bus, etc). This was followed by the kids watching a VHS of people in Winnie the Pooh (and friends) costumes from 1982 (my guess) taking the bus. Yeah, it was pretty old and cheesy, but the kids seemed to take away all the safety rules they needed to. Once that was done we hopped on the bus for a short ride. The kids got to get off the bus and practice and each ended up with a coloring book, a bracelet, and fake tattoo. I thought it was a painful event to attend and was jealous of Jesse (since he stayed at home), but Riley loved it.

Riley's been dealing with a loose tooth and by Tuesday it seemed pretty close to coming out.

From earlier in the week when I noticed the adult tooth coming in behind her baby teeth. Can wait until those silver caps are gone.

I decided to snap a 'before' picture that showed her with a big toothy smile

And Wednesday, while I was gone getting my hair cut, Jesse wiggled the tooth out. I missed the big moment, but was able to 'help' the tooth fairy craft a letter which we placed under Riley's pillow along with a dollar.

Unnecessary and unflattering picture of me getting my hair done. You'll have to imagine the outcome for now.

When Riley woke the next morning she silently read the letter. You could tell she was processing everything, but later declared that her favorite part of the letter was when the Tooth Fairy says "Have a fairy nice day!" Riley really was beyond excited and brought her letter with her to school on Thursday to show everyone and then followed it up on Friday with showing everyone the dollar she got for show and tell.

Dear Riley,                                                                                          

I see you lost your first tooth! You are growing into such a big girl. I’m so proud of you for letting your dad pull your tooth out. You are such a brave girl!

Thank you for giving me your tooth. I will add it to my treasured collection. I’ve left a little gift for you.

Soon you’ll see another tooth to take the old one’s place. The new one will last a very long time. Please be sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss. This will keep your new teeth healthy.

Another way to keep your teeth sparkly and clean is to eat good snacks. Stay away from too many sweets and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Have a fairy nice day!

Your friend,

Tooth Fairy

  Of course, before school on Friday we took another picture for comparison.

Later she told us that one of her friends shared that her older sister didn't get a dollar or a letter from the Tooth Fairy. We worried that maybe we did too much - we certainly didn't want other kids to feel like they got jilted by the Tooth Fairy, but then I actually did some research and discovered the going rate is just over $4.00 a tooth. So, I guess, we are the cheapskates.

The rest of the week was fairly mellow, but included visits with both grandparents which seems like a good way to wrap up yet another summer week. 

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