Monday, August 3, 2015


You guys! It's August already! Summer is moving way too fast (as usual) and I'm starting to panic about all the things we haven't done - beach! camping! etc!

This past weekend I suggested the beach (which Riley was all about), but we decided to check out another item on our list - paddle boating at Centennial Lakes. Neither Jesse nor I have been there before which seems like such a shame (and makes me feel like I need to find all those other local things we haven't explored). We've driven by it a gazillion times without really knowing what was behind all those shops off of France Avenue.

When we were in the Black Hills we talked about paddle boating with Riley. It didn't work out while we were there so we decided we should do it when we got back home. Better later than never, I researched a couple places nearby (Lake Calhoun and Centennial Lakes) and we headed out for a little summer fun. It was a hot day so a half hour on the paddle boat was enough, but I would totally come back here... for the paddle boat, lawn games, mini golf, walking, etc. They also have kid activities/music during the week (Wednesdays and Fridays, I think) and entertainment in the evening.

(Side note: if you have a waist band Fitbit, attach it to your shoe to get "credit" for peddling on the paddle boat.)

Oh, another thing we've been doing this summer is going to swim class. Well, Jesse or I simply chauffeur Riley to her swim class. We've been meaning to do this for years and finally got around to it. She's really apprehensive when it comes to water - she wants to be in it, but is very cautious and doesn't trust Jesse and I one bit.

Anyhoo, class one and two started with crying. Between week one and two she stressed daily about having to go back to swim class on Monday. She was bordering on hysterical when I brought her on week two, but the instructor basically told me to get out and as expected Riley chilled out. There is a big window where we can look in and she can see us so it was nice to see her pull it together. By week three she was a-ok and she was jumping in the pool with minimal help. By week four? She was swimming - at least the beginning of what I would call swimming, but it was swimming.

So proud of her and she's clearly proud of herself too.Tonight she proclaimed that she jumped in by herself and that her favorite part was swimming by herself. I'm really amazed that she's come this far in such a short time. Her instructor, Danny, is pretty straight forward. I don't get a lot of warm fuzzies from him, but he's encouraging and it seems to be working.

This is huge!

And so is this!

And that's our summer update. Now to pack the rest of the summer with more fun things...

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