Thursday, August 13, 2015

Project 52 - Portraits - week 32


When using only natural light I've found the garage to be a great tool when it comes to taking portrait shots. I'd always heard this, but it wasn't until I took some shots of Riley in her dance recital dress that made me realize how amazing the garage could be. I totally want to create a 'floor' and backdrop that I can pull out as needed so you don't realize that I'm actually taking pictures in a grungy old garage.

This week Riley agreed to be my model again while I tried out another technique. Not really a photography technique per say, but I needed the right picture to do this. I've been thinking about her impending start of Kindergarten and thought it would be fun to add words right on the picture. I probably should be waiting until she is about to start kindergarten, but I just couldn't wait. To start I took a few picture with her a little off center. And let me note that these pictures are totally Riley. I did ask her a couple times to look at the camera in a certain way (including grumpy face), but it was just mostly her personality coming through. Sometimes I just start asking her questions interview style and I get some great pictures that way (in fact, she asked me to record an interview in the midst of this so I did).

Check out those catch lights in her eyes? And that background? It's an old piece of sheetrock with a couple footprints on it. I had her sit a couple feet in front if it and tried to place her head in front of the visible footprint. This one was a little close for my vision so I backed up a little so I would have more negative space to add words. 

Then I went into Photoshop, picked out a few fonts and colors and added some text.

I've never really felt the need to put text on my photos before, but now I want to do this to capture her milestones through out the years... or at least for when she starts kindergarten next month. We'll see how long I commit to this, but it would be fun to look back on over the years if I can.

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