Monday, December 14, 2015

Project 52 - Art - Week 49


As I mentioned in another post, Riley received her first Christmas gift - a Spirograph. She loves it, but does get a little frustrated with it from time to time as it takes a while to get the process down and it's easy to make mistakes.

Riley was telling a friend of her's that Santa sometimes brings gifts that you don't want - things that aren't on the list. She rambled on about Santa bringing her a Spirograph - a gift she didn't even know she wanted, but that she loves it. You could tell that she was trying to figure out how he would know to get that for her.

Naming her 'flowers'

Needless to say, the Spirograph has kept us busy and we've already bought more pens for it. I find it a bit therapeutic and cathartic. It brings me back to my childhood, but it also has me focused on the moment - not distracted by technology or chores around the house. Just me and my pen, and my little girl sitting next to me.

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