Sunday, January 31, 2016

This and That

~ Recently Riley has made some comments about her future as a mother. I'm not sure where it's coming from, but it's now come up multiple times. When she mentioned that a friend wanted to grow up to be a singer we thought she would want the same thing (since she sings all the time), but she declared that she wanted to be a mommy like me. The next week when I dropped her off at school she told me that she would probably have babies when she was my age "or maybe 30 or 32 or 34...".

The best conversation we had about this was on the way to swim class when she wondered aloud "I wonder what I will name my baby when I have one?" I encouraged her to brainstorm ideas and she came up with Henry, Liam, Bob, or Sam for a boy and Rose, Crystal, Mindy, or Laney for a girl. Lol. I wish I could peak into her brain from time to time to figure out where this all comes from. Also, it's funny to think I could be a grandma to a baby Bob one day.

~ Last year I decided that I was going to plan out my own birthday this year. I even thought about going on a trip (perhaps alone, with a friend, or with my family), but that never happened. Instead I decided to plan a day of zen. Unfortunately, I ended up with a cold right before the big day so I scaled back on my plans (I didn't get to the salt cave or the float tank, but will do those in the future). Jesse was a little bummed when I suggested he not take the day off of work as I did. I knew I wanted to do some things that he might not want to do and I wanted some me time.

I started the day out with a massage. Even though she spent the entire hour on my shoulder (which I've recently been having issues with) it was still wonderful and relaxing. I followed that up with a sushi lunch with my husband at Raku. He went back to work and I decided to go book shopping. Once home I shoveled which was actually incredible peaceful as it was so quiet out - just some birds chirping and the shovel scraping against the driveway.

I also read a book in bed, and watched several episodes of Parenthood (I've now since completed the series and am soooo sad the show is over. I don't know how they did it, but I'm pretty sure I cried with every episode - especially the last. I'll miss you Braverman's, annoying bickering and all). Once my people came home we headed out to Byerlys for our traditional birthday cupcakes. I finished up my day gobbling up a chocolate mousse cupcake with my family. I was a very good day and something that I think I will do again in the future - a day for me.

Oh, Jesse gave me a card that day which was super funny because there were pictures of a husband and wife and he took a cream colored piece of paper and put it over the guys head to simulate his own bald head. The week before, my birthday gift was delivered - a treadmill! I mentioned it in my day in the life post, but basically, it's meant to be used with a desk so there isn't a railing/consul that you would typically have. Right now, I have it in my office, but not at my desk. The logistics just weren't working out for that. I pull a chair over next to it so I have something to hold on to if needed.

Apparently, Jesse had asked Riley earlier in the week if she wanted to make me a card and get me a gift and she said no, but the Friday after my birthday she had a total break down and needed to get her mom a gift now! She had the day off of school and Jesse was home with her so I could hear a meltdown happening while I was working in the basement, but I didn't know why. Anyway, Jesse took Riley shopping and she took 20 minutes to pick out just the right card. She then bought a necklace making kit and made me a necklace with hearts and beads that say "mom", "love", and "heart". Love gifts from the heart.

~ Last year we wanted to go the the Ice Castles in Eden Prairie, but for some reason it never really fit into our schedule - whether it was a weekday or too cold or something. Weekdays feel much more manageable this year so we went on a Wednesday night (we were going to go on my birthday, but they are closed on Tuesdays). If you decide to go, make sure to order your tickets online as they are far cheaper than when you pay at the 'door'. We went on a warmer day so I expected there to be a larger crowds, but was still within my comfort level.

Riley and Jesse went down a slide together, although it wasn't that big that she could do it on her own. She also found a small slide that she went down over and over and over and which contributed to her being soaking wet by the time we left. There was a tunnel she crawled through too which looked like a lot of fun for a small one.

It was about 40 degrees this day which meant that ice was melting. Staff was harnessed on top of the structures and gently knocking over ice that was unstable. As we walked under arches, water dripped on us. I stopped at one of the arches to take another picture of the cool icicles hanging down and then almost got hit by some large ones that fell down right in front of my face. Some people rushed over to check on me, but I was fine. I told Jesse that I was grateful that my camera didn't get hit and he pointed out that I should be grateful that my face wasn't gouged open. I suppose. We apparently have different priorities.

I took most of these pictures when the ice was blue/white since it was brighter, but the ice changed to many different colors... red, purple, green, and so on. Music accompanied the changing of the colors which was fun until it was a fast tempo'd song. A warning to those with sensitivity issues - the fast flashing can be way too much (I had to close my eyes, but even Jesse complained about this). Luckily, it didn't happen too much. There are bon fires to keep you warm (but also an issue for those of us with sensitivity issues), a frozen Olaf, and a 'real' Anna walking around. Oh, there are also hot drinks and food (mostly, cookies I think), but we didn't get any of that.

It's a little spendy, but worth going to see at least once. Jesse was a little confused that it wasn't a 'castle' made of blocks of ice like the St. Paul Winter Carnival used to do (and apparently plan to do in 2018 again), but he still agreed that it was a cool set up. We will certainly go back in the future.

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