Sunday, July 17, 2016

Project 52 - Parade time - Week 28


After a short yet busy week I was determined to go to the Hamel Rodeo. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to convince Jesse of that. The more family friendly show also conflicted with a birthday party Riley was invited to and in the end I just didn't feel like pushing it. However, we did check out the Hamel Parade, which has been a tradition for a few years now (minus last year). This parade is filled with firetrucks, tow trucks, local businesses, politicians, and horses. No flashy floats here.

We tried to get to my dad's by 1:00 pm since they start to close down the roads, but we had to pick up some Pine Sol for my dad as a last minute request. Apparently, it kills Yellow Jackets which have taken up residence in my my dad's garage wall. In fact, he went to the emergency room last week after being stung by one and swelling up pretty good. Anyhoo, we had to talk the parade organizers into letting us through and I had to throw my dad's name out there. It's a small town and the lady lives on my dad's block so we got a little razzing and were then let through.

My dad's friend, Ed, was over (Ed used to across the alley from the house I live in. He and my dad have been friends for many, many years). Ed joined us as we walked through my dad's back yard and into the neighbor's yard. The neighbors weren't there this time, so we left the old guys in the yard while we took up a spot on the sidewalk. It was hot, but clouded over so we thought we would be fine. Unfortunately, those pesky clouds decided to break up and it got hot, hot, hot.

This was Jesse's first year attending and he commented that we should be sitting at the end of the parade (instead of the beginning). His theory was that the people in the parade just want to get rid of all the remaining candy by the end. He had nothing to worry about as this parade is big on the sweets. We bagged most of it up afterwards and Jesse brought it to work - we definitely don't need that much candy at home. We also got some t-shirts, necklaces, stickers, fake tattoos, and a hat.

While there, I used a couple of the freezee pops they handed out to keep me cool. One under my hat and one in my shirt and I was good to go. Must remember this next year.

'Camel Towing' - worst name ever

After the parade was over, we hung out with my dad and Ed for awhile until the roads were clear. I was getting a bit of a headache from the heat and the smell of Pine Sol I my dad liberally sprayed around the garage.

My dad has an old concrete deer that's totally falling apart, but he asked Ed and Jesse to help him get it set up again so they did that and I took some pictures of my kid.

We left these guys to get a Pine Sol high  catch up and enjoy the toasty weather. Maybe next year will be the year I finally make it to the rodeo. If there are any rodeo lost souls out there, you are welcome to come with me.

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