Thursday, July 21, 2016

Project 52 - Water Balloons - Week 29


Technically, these pictures are from last week. This past weekend I was in Missouri and will post soon about that (once I get through the 500 plus pictures I took). I knew I would be gone and starting a photography course so I decided to calibrate my 35 mm (I'll get to the other lenses soon) and then wanted to test it out.

I'd noticed long ago that my focus wasn't spot on with my 35mm. It seemed to be focusing slightly in front of where my focus point was. I finally picked up a calibration tool and made the appropriate tweeks. Not sure if I got it quite right, but it's something I can continue to mess with until it's right.

Once calibrated, I was able to get Riley outside when I suggested we fill up some of the recent water balloons we bought. These suckers were a bit time consuming to fill and hard to tie up, but she had fun throwing them up in the air and watching them come to a crashing splash on the ground.

I also have been working on my editing so these may look a little different than my usual. My greens have been a little toxic for my liking, so here they are a little deeper. As I mentioned, I've started a photography class and hope to be nailing the picture in camera so there is less editing afterwards.

Now off to work on my vacation photos...

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