Saturday, July 9, 2016

Project 52 - Water Park - Week 27


I've taken far too many pictures this past week (day in the life, 4th of July, bathroom remodel, etc). So many that I haven't posted all of them yet (or edited all of them) and completely forgot about this post.

We had a beautiful 4th of July weekend and I was determined to get some outdoors fun in. We live near a great aquatic park that we haven't been to in years since it didn't go over well with Riley that last time we took her. However, now that she is more water confident and has had a chance to go there with her school a couple times, I wanted to go back as a family.

We got there early to get a good pick of  the spots and I'm glad we did. Riley referred to our chairs as "home base" like they do when she goes with her school and I may have to use that in the future since she grasps the concept so well.

"Are those goggles too tight kiddo?"
"No, I'm good"

It may have been a little chillier at 11:00 am, but by the time we left at 1:30, the place was pretty packed. Riley spent some time in the shallower part of the pool, but I took her out to the deeper end where she practiced her swimming skills. She even went down the tube slide multiple times with Jesse like a pro. Boy, this kid has changed over the years. Looks like we just needed to wait for her to grow into this.

I even made great strides and went down the tube slide myself. I've mentioned before how I greatly dislike slides (even smaller playground ones). I just don't like that feeling I get in my tummy going down something so fast so I usually avoid them. They had tubes for 3 people so I offered to go with. Somehow I got seated in the front and for the first few seconds I had huge regrets. As we entered the dark and covered slide, I took a deep breath and tried to let everything go. I still felt like we were going far too fast, but I actually had fun and was able to relax. I only did it the one time, but who knows, maybe I'll get up there again next time.

If Riley can conquer her fears, I surely can too... (maybe).

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