Friday, July 29, 2016

Project 52 - Photography Class - Week 30


I've been thinking about taking a photography course for some time, but wasn't sure which one to take and if I wanted to be a full participant or just follow along.  I'd been eyeing a couple courses when a friend suggested "Capturing Imagery with Purpose" by Karen Osdieck (through In Beauty and Chaos). I decide to jump in full force as a participant and now I can't figure out why I didn't do this earlier.

It's been hard to not just snap away as I generally do, but I'm learning to slow down and be more mindful of metering and my white balance and all those other details that we're learning in class. This week we started talking about light and composition, but when I took these pictures we were still talking about zone metering, kelvin white balance, ISO, and motion. Generally, getting as much as you can right in camera so you don't have to adjust it in post. I applied much of it to the senior pictures I took of my niece and will agree it cut down my editing time.

Later in the week, I was having one of those days where I didn't want to take anymore pictures, but then I sat Riley down and tried some blur motion with her. If I was in a different mood, I probably would have set this up different (less cluttered background), but Riley had fun doing this (and she thinks it's a "cool" picture) so I can find us experimenting with this again.

After this, we were both in a better mood and decided to go explore the neighborhood before bedtime. We headed toward a local tennis court and were lucky to find some tennis balls there to play with. With this one, I practiced some stop motion shots. My shutter speed could have been higher, but I think it still captures her stopped in motion. Riley kept asking me to play with her so it was time to set down the camera and throw some balls around.

Before we left the courts, I got a couple more pictures since she was telling me a story while playing on her own...

This week we are working on different lighting. It may be hard to believe, but Riley isn't always my subject matter. As you can see piggy banks can also be good models and help you practice your dramatic side lighting.

I look forward to what else this course will teach me and am already thinking about what course I want to take next. So many choices...

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