Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Project 52 - after school ritual - Week 50

And yet again, I'm behind on posting. I taken a bunch of photos, but was delayed on editing them and posting here. I've decided that while I will continue with a project 52 next year (or even a project 365), I won't be documenting them here in the same weekly format. I'll probably post some of them on Instagram and maybe on Facebook. Facebook, was my go to for posting, but after this election I needed a break from it and the time away has been fantastic. I still go on there when I get alerts and to check out some of my photography groups, but I haven't been reading through the threads each day. I'll probably go back on at some point, but I'm really trying to scale back and don't want to get sucked back in as much as I was.

Okay, back to the photos...

I decided I wanted to capture our after school ritual and I decided to do that when Riley was just about to get off the bus. If I had thought about it more I would have taken pictures of her as she came down the block. Guess I can do that another day. Maybe when it's warmer. At any rate, I set up the tripod and then used my remote on a 2 second delay to take pictures. I had the camera aimed one way, but decided to change it around to get the kitchen in there since it's a player in our after school rituals.

I work from home and on most days I'm finished with work at 4:00. My daughter gets off the bus at about 4:07 a half block away so it works out well. On this day, I had brought up a load of laundry to fold and worked on that while Riley did her homework and ate a snack.

Before homework, Riley showed me a picture that her friend, Mason, drew for her. Riley is a great lover of cats, so he drew a clever picture of a cat watching a mouse hole that's littered with cheese crumbs while the mouse (wearing a cowboy hat) sits atop the cat's head. So cute and sweet and thoughtful. I like that Mason kid.

As our ritual goes, I empty her backpack and put any necessary letters/flyers on the fridge... and then I check her homework in between folding clothes.

And then it got dark... fast. Oh, these short days get to me so. So glad longer days are ahead. I thought our pictures were done for the day, but then I caught Riley and my husband in the kitchen talking about their days and preparing for dinner and it felt like something I also needed to capture.

I love these little snippets of our life... these rituals, and need to remember to document them more.

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