Friday, December 2, 2016

Project 52 - Storymaking - Week 48


Over a month ago I signed up for a Storymaking photography course along with a few of my 'My Minnesota' blog circle photographer friends. I was looking forward to it because I far more connect to story telling in photography than portraiture. Plus, it was starting in November when it was cold and dark and I was sure I'd need inspiration.

It's only the second week, and it has been inspirational, but the thing is... it's dark. It's dark before work and after work and lately it's been dark and rainy in between morning dark and night dark. I didn't sign up as a full participant - only a study along so I don't feel as bad about not executing every exercise, but I am still getting a lot out of this class.

I've encountered a lot of moments that I thought would tell a great story, but I didn't have my camera on me. My camera has been used, but also a bit neglected recently. However, on Thanksgiving morning Riley decided to sit down with her Target ad and review all the items she wants for Christmas. Normally, I would take various pictures of her at different angles, but in the end decided that I would set up the tripod and get in the picture too. I mean, I'm part of the story too, but am rarely in the picture.

It wasn't the most exciting 'story', but fun to capture us on (or near) the couch reading the paper together. Jesse made a cameo, but didn't realize what was happening at first. I tried to get him on the couch with us, but he was headed out to run errands. He proceeded to place his hat over the camera before kissing me goodbye. Such a killjoy that one is.

Too bad I already created our Christmas card. Perhaps I can use this one for next year. ;)

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