Sunday, December 18, 2016

Project 52 - IKEA - Week 49


On a recent Saturday, while my dad and I were working on remodeling my basement bathroom, I got a message from a local photographer inviting me to join her and another photographer for a photo meet up at IKEA. One of the photographers and I had met before (our kids are in the same class), but the other one I was meeting for the first time. I had been following Everbranch photography for some time and then took a class that she was in. We'd talked about meeting up before so I was so glad to finally have this happen and it seems like the perfect release after a long day of running electrical for our new lights and switches.

You may think IKEA is a weird place to take photos, but it was awesome. So many interesting light sources... and taking pictures in a public place while two others were doing it with you doesn't feel weird at all. We chatted about our kids, but also about photography. I look forward to more of these meet ups.

Riley was a little wound up this night after spending most of the day indoors so maybe a gym would have been more appropriate to release her pent up energy, but it was still good to get out.

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