Monday, December 26, 2016

Project 52 - Snow Fun - Week 51


We have a house with a second story deck and a partial flat roof which means that, after a heavy snow fall, we have to get up on the roof and shovel it off. And when I say "we", I mean Jesse. We thought we could get away with not doing this until one year, when in the middle of the night, we had a drip coming in through our window. Jesse got on the roof at 3:00 am and, after shoveling it off, the dripping went away. We want to avoid visits to our roof in the middle of the night so we make sure to take care of it right away.

A couple weeks ago, I was shoveling the front sidewalk and Riley was playing in the snow when she almost got hit with a pile of snow that came flying off Jesse's shovel from the deck. Turns out she loved getting nailed by snow. She was extra excited when she got to experience this again a week later and I was sure to capture it on camera.


Before we went in, we stopped and caught snowflakes on our tongues... and later I had some fun adding a bokeh overlay to one of the pictures.


But snow fun wasn't over that day. We warmed up and dried off and then headed out to a local sledding hill. Also notable is how much more confident Riley has become in the sledding department. We still went down with her a couple times, but it wasn't because she needed us, but because she wanted us to have fun with her.



I would not recommend face forward. It did not end well when I attempted it. :)


And that was that. At least for that day. Riley's been sledding three times this winter which probably equals all the times she's ever been sledding prior to this year. The winter is far from over so I'm sure we'll be back again.

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