Monday, December 5, 2016


It seems a little late to be blogging about Thanksgiving, but I've had these pictures ready to go for some time so I might as well document it on the ol' blog. This year we went to my nephew's new house. He lives in a neighborhood where there are a lot of big, rich looking houses nearby so Riley now wants us to live in one of those. Not going to happen anytime soon, but fun to dream kiddo.

Thanksgiving involved a whole lotta hanging out, chatting, watching the Vikings lose, and watching the little kids color and run around the house. As usual, we had a family touch football game and at the end of the game Max walked away with the MVP award. My brother, Chuck, recently had his knee replaced, so he was reluctantly benched on the sideline. I, of course, took pictures from the sideline while Riley and her cousins ran around. I decided to not take many pictures this day, except for the football game so get ready to see a bunch of people running around in the snow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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