Monday, May 23, 2011

Dream 5/22/11

According to my husband I had another dream about nothing. Nothing? This dream is chock full of... stuff! To preface this dream there was a tornado that hit our area and surrounding areas last night. Additionally, Riley recently received a huuuuuggggeee balloon with a smiley face on it. Riley also woke around 4 am and had a hard time getting back to sleep (Jesse was the rock star who got up with her). The rest I cannot explain.


The dream begins with me getting up to go the bathroom at 4 am. The pocket door to the bathroom was slightly ajar. Jesse peeks his head in as I am washing my hands and jingles keys at me. I look at him trying to figure out why he is jingling keys at me at 4 am, but not actually saying anything. This annoys me and I bark “what!?” at him. He finally states that he is going outside to lock up the Honda as he saw some people wandering around outside.

I look down and Riley is trying to glide the door open (something she often does in real life). I pick her up and she seems way too awake for 4 am. I just want to go to bed, but it is clear that she won’t be going back to bed. I carry her over to my bedroom window and look out at… a mess. I knew there were a lot of items in the driveway before we went to bed which was why the Honda was parked out front, but the vision I had before me had items everywhere. Then I noticed that the garage was gone. There were a few items still sitting inside the garage, but I was pretty much just looking at the concrete slab. Come to think of it where was the Mazda? So Riley and I are looking out the window when a long, heavy metal bar comes flying from the driveway up to the second story window and slams into the glass before dropping to the ground. Unbelievably the window does not break.

I decide we better get downstairs and check on Jesse who has gone outside. When I get down to the main floor I see Jesse’s friend, Raul, and another one of his video game buddies. Raul is in the dining room and the other guy is in the living room which is overly decorated with Christmas decorations… including two Christmas trees. As I am standing in the dining room I realized that there is another Christmas tree to my side. Raul identifies it as his. I remember asking why he brought his tree over and know he answered me, but I can’t remember what his reason was. I guess it will be one of those mysteries of life. 

Raul then shares that he is actually here to look at our frieze on our kitchen ceiling (would that be called a frieze?) He has a much more elaborate one and discovered that he needed to keep the 5 components (?) when remodeling it. I don't know what this means, but it made sense in the dream. The kitchen in the dream looks completely different than it does in real life. Imagine 1970's with an ugly frieze on the ceiling. Ugh.

I turn out of the kitchen an back into the dining room to see the Christmas decor gone... to be replaced by many, many balloons.

Including smaller versions of a smiley faced balloon she received on Friday which will probably make more sense when I make my next post.

And that was that. At least that was all I remember.

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