Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Time

I was under the impression it would rain much of the day on Saturday so I was quite delighted with the amount of sun and warm weather we had. Monkey got to spend a fair amount of time outside, but first played inside while I pulled out some of her warm weather clothes.

She has really been spending more and more time on her feet, but will still crawl when she wants to get somewhere fast. The other day she discovered how useful the baskets in our room can be to help her get around. Here she is pushing her basket around while wearing her summer hat, of course.

I always thought of myself as pretty pasty white, but her fair skin makes me realize what age and sun can do to one's skin. Her skin just looks so pure and unblemished.

Daddy was downstairs talking to her, but the gate was in her way.

Once we were dressed we headed out for a walk and stopped at the park to play. Here is daddy and daughter walking around near the playground.

Her favorite part of the day was walking up the playground steps and then sliding down one of the two slides. I think she could have done this all day, but it only took me a few times going down the curved slide to feel like I was going to puke. Thankfully, dad was there to go down with her too.

The following picture of her is from Friday when she and daddy were at the park. He snapped off this picture with his cell phone and sent it to me at work. LOVE getting picture updates of her (which doesn't happen often), but found this picture especially funny with the distortion of her hand.

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