Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dream 5/4/11.

I only remember bits of this dream, but the parts I do remember are pretty vivid. I got the feeling I was dreaming well before the first part I remember. This is where I remember it starting:

I walked into an exam room at my OB/GYN office. I see my friend, J, with her husband, R sitting in chairs next to the doctor. J and I both have the same OB in real life and that is reflected in this dream. J and R already have a daughter, O. When I walk in I see that J is pregnant which surprises me since she and I have had many conversations about the number of kids we will have. Last I heard she had decided on one child. J, R and I leave the doctor's off and head towards an escalator. R leads the way, followed by J and then myself. I notice that the escalator is broken. In fact the steps are all at a very steep slant... like a slide.

I am asking all sorts of questions as I had no idea that J was pregnant and when looking at her she looks VERY pregnant. As we are holding on to the railings of the escalator I ask her how far along she is. She states that she is 38 weeks. Seriously! Why am I just finding this out now? Has it really been that long since I talked to her? As we continue to shimmy down the escalator slide I think "this really isn't the best way for a 38 week pregnant woman to get down. It is so unsafe.". When we finally get to the bottom R turns around and heads up the up escalator. We follow, but I question in my head why we are heading back up. I turn to the left and notice the down escalator is operating normally now.

At this point the dream skips to the middle of the night. I am in a bedroom that has a play room attached to it. There are two doors to the play room and while the bedroom area is dark there is a light on in the play room.There are a lot of toys in the play room, but I only really remember seeing dress up fairy/princess type clothes hanging on one wall. I am woken in the middle of the night by some noise in the next room. I go to investigate and see a really tall Ronald McDonald.

He creeps me out and I attack him. How dare he break into this room in the darkness of night.

I realize that he has come to see O, J and R's daughter, and that she is standing to our right. I pretend that I was just joking as I figure I might have scared her attacking Ronald McDonald and all. So there I am looking down at her giving Ronald a big side hug. I remember thinking that maybe R had dressed up as Ronald for his daughter, but realize that Ronald has to be a good 2 feet taller that R actually is.

Unfortunately this is all I remember of the dream. What happened to Ronald? Was O excited to see him? I will never know. Also, looking back at this dream I could make all sorts of guesses at what the first part means, but I am pretty lost by the second part. Ronald McDonald? Really?

So I was going to end the entry there, but I couldn't help myself and had to look up to see if I could find a dream interpretation for Ronald McDonald. Of course I did not find a direct hit, so I am sharing the closest to it. From

To see or dream that you are at McDonalds, signifies happiness and a worry-free attitude. The dream also suggests that you are living large. Perhaps the dream is telling you to expand your thinking or horizons. Supersize it!�Alternatively, the dream may just mean you are hungry.

 I would love to think I had this dream because I am happy, worry-free, and living large, and while some of that is certainly true I am guessing that in reality it was because I was hungry.  Reality sometimes bites. 

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