Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day and 15 months!

Sunday was my second official Mother's Day. The morning started with Riley and I hanging out in bed. This normally wouldn't happen, but the hubby was already downstairs. This was a fun little moment for me and hopefully for her as well.

We were going to go to lunch with the Hubby's mom, but she wasn't feeling well so we figured we would connect when she was feeling better. Instead we headed off to my step-mom's nursing home.

Off to see grandma Ann

My step-mom has Alzheimer's and lives in a memory care facility. It is always fun to bring my daughter there as the residents all 'ooh and awe' over her. When she was younger a lot of the residents thought she was a doll. I would walk down the hallway only to hear people arguing over whether she was a doll or a real baby. Currently, Riley is really into pushing grandma's walker around and gets quite upset if you try to take it away or change the direction she wants to go. Mighty stubborn that one is.

Riley had skipped her morning nap and was bit on the tired side so we headed home with a quick stop at Von Hanson's so we could BBQ. A little seasoned chicken and steak... and some other meat stick type items and we were on our way.

Once home we put Riley down for a nap, grilled up some food, and watched an old episode from 24. Exciting stuff, I know. I would have liked to spend more time outdoors, but it was a pretty gloomy day. It finally started to clear up, but by that time for kiddo to go to bed. She had a little bit of a rough time getting down to sleep, but I am sure it was because she really wanted to spend more time celebrating mom. Right?

During the afternoon I tried to get a shot of my husband and daughter together. My husband HATES having his picture taken, but he humored me and then teased me about posting it here. I actually had no intention of doing so, but since he mentioned it...

What a handsome fella

Even though it was Mother's Day there were no pictures taken of me with my kid. We will have to remember that next year. I wouldn't mind a picture commemorating the day together. Instead I will share one more picture of Riley. It's not the best picture, but she has cute little elephants on her shirt so I have to share.

I have elephants on my shirt!

So Monday, May 9th, Riley turned 15 months and had her 15 month doctor appointment.She has always been on the small size for her weight (16%ish), but super tall (90%ish). This appointment clocked her in at:

20.8 Lbs (19%)
30.75 In (61%) 

Overall she did well at her appointment and impressed the doctor with her prolific conversation abilities. Most of her 'talking' makes no sense to us, but she sure seems to talk like she has something important to say. While I certainly want her to learn more words I have to admit I will be sad when she stops making some of these noises. They are just so stinking cute.

I'm 15 months old

To commemorate her 15 months her daddy compiled a few of the videos we have taken. It's a little long, but fun to look back at the last three months.

On Tuesdays I don't have to be to work until 10:30 so the little one and myself get to hang out. I didn't plan on taking pictures, but it was the first time I actually put pigtails in her hair so pictures HAD to be taken.

Above she is blowing. That's right, blowing. She loves to blow and will even do this on command.

She is hesitantly walking and I was able to capture a moment that she was giving it a go. She will often grab onto walls and what not for stability or just dropped down and crawl if she is in a hurry. Every week she seems a little closer to walking full time, but I feel like I have been saying this for months now. It will probably be like her ability to climb the stairs. One day she wanted nothing to do with it and the next she was booking up the stairs with no fear.

I can't wait.

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