Thursday, August 11, 2011

Staycation days 4 - 5

I have to admit I was missing work a little bit on Monday. But by Tuesday that was gone. GONE. It sure is going to be hard to return to work next week.

Here's an update on my staycation...


Jesse took the day off so we went to the Children's Museum as a family. We were hesitant to buy the family pass because we thought "what if Riley doesn't like it?". Boy, were we silly. That place is awesome! Definitely getting the pass next time as it pays for itself in a few visits.

We went early and on no-group Tuesday to help ensure that it wasn't too crowded. We were really one of the few there to start with which was great, but by 10:30 is was pretty crowded (at least for someone who doesn't like crowds [me], especially with tons of wild kids).

Here we go!

This place rocks!

Make sure I pick up some bananas.

Trying to show Riley how I get to and from work on the bus, but all she wanted was the crackers in my bag.

The wheels on the bus go round and round... a favorite that we often sing, especially when she's fussin.

I tried getting her to dance in front of the screen, but it wasn't working so Jesse took over. He's got better moves than me anyway. She could actually see the screen with herself on it so I think she was a little awe struck. I played a Destiny's child song after this and thought  I was recording it, but I was wrong and so very sad about that, especially since she danced along with it for about 2 seconds. I did get a nice recording of the floor, though.

Where to next?

At home we often read Goodnight Moon to Riley. In the beginning I would point out the mouse on each page, but at some point I thought it would be good to teach her the dangers of fire. I'd point to the fire, make a noise, shake my finger, and talk about how hot it is. She thought it was hilarious. Here she opens the books, goes right for the fire, and says "Pssssh" with a big smile on her face. I guess that backfired (ba da dom).

Checking out Habitot.

Earthworld was a favorite!

Painting the rocks with water on the Rooftop ArtPark.

Jesse took most of the pictures which is why I am actually in a few. Actually, the number of pictures I am in on this one day may outnumber the number I am in for the rest of the year. Jesse usually doesn't care to be in photos, but he wanted me to document that he was there too.

Leaving the museum. We'll be back soon!


Wednesday morning I had to go into work to help facilitate a session that I have been helping to develop. While it was a bit of a damper to have to go into work on my week off I was also really excited to finally put something that I have been working so hard on, for so long, into action. And a lot of people were really excited about it. Win!

In the afternoon Jesse and I took Riley in for her 18 month wellness check appointment. As expected she is tall, but skinny:

22.4 Lbs
32.0 In

No issues of concerns. She's right on track and made sure to show the doctor that she is a pretty happy kid with only one mild breakdown when she wanted a snack.

Trying to hack into the doctor's computer.

Waiting for the Doctor... might as well play with this stuff on the wall.

Wednesday was a very verbal day for Riley. It was a lot of jibber jabber mixed in with some discernible words. I tried to capture a moment of it, but she became distracted so it cut her 'talking' short.

Getting to sleep and staying asleep has been a bit of a struggle this week. I'm sure it didn't help that she had to get a shot at the doctor (man, was it a bleeder too - poor kiddo). Normally she goes to bed around 6:30 and last night was no different. However, she woke up many times before conking out around 11:00 for the night. We tried various tactics to get her to sleep, but apparently all we needed to do was fill her up with blueberries and water. Now if she could have just slept in until 7:00 am.

[Edit: I just realized I forgot to mention something that consumed a huge chunk of time on Wednesday for us - tracking down the source of the smell in the basement. I noticed a smell about a week ago coming from the laundry room. Our basement can get a little musty in the summer so I kept cranking the dehumidifier up. That didn't seem to solve it and the smell just got worse. Jesse was having a couple buddies over to play boardgames in the basement so it became all the more important to find the source of the smell. Jesse then informed me that our cat, Lucy, found a mouse the week before so I started to envision a dead, rotting mouse under our stairs (and probably in a spot that could not be reached). While Jesse took the flashlight and peered into all the tight spots I cleaned out the laundry sink. That didn't work. We couldn't figure it out and hoped the smell wouldn't offend our guests too much. Later that night it finally occured to me to remove the garbage from the laundry room. And now the smell is gone. I seriously wonder how I earned a Master's degree when it takes me a week to realize I should just empty the garbage to get rid of a smell.]

Sitting on the step while I was at work.


  1. Just realized you have a blog too, and I love it!

    We read Goodnight Moon to Annie every night, and a few nights I pointed at the fire and said "OUCH, hot!!" - yeah, now any time she sees a fire she goes to touch it and say ouch hot....... guess that was a bad idea :)

  2. Thanks Erin!

    Actually, I got the idea about the fire from reading your blog. The first time I did it with Riley she laughed harder than I've heard her laugh before. She actually grabs my finger and points to the fire, but I make her point to the mouse first. Jesse says I've ruined Goodnight Moon, but he's the one who added the sound effect "pssssh" so I think he gets a little kick out of it too.


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