Thursday, August 4, 2011


Last week was a little more exhausting than usual as Riley was a little sick. It appears it might have been a teething/virus issue and, lucky for us, we got to see her go through 3 main stages:

1. The lethargic stage
2. The "wind blows the wrong way meltdown" stage (so fun)
3. The runny nose stage.

The second stage was especially prevalent this time and made me grateful for how happy she usually is. Thankfully, by Sunday she was back to her happy ol' self. 

The lethargic stage

On Saturday we went an annual picnic with Jesse's extended family. I didn't take many pictures... probably because we spent most of our time at the park.

The park had a toddler area that was perfect for Riley. Jesse taught her to throw rocks on the slide which I'm sure all the other kids will love.

Even though most of the time she was content throwing rocks on the slide there were still plenty of times that she went down the slide.

Riley has been really into dressing herself as of recent. Later Saturday she demonstrated some of her dressing skills.

After the video she wandered around for a bit when we caught this beautiful sight.

On Sunday, I had a BBQ with a couple former roommates, Josie and Rachel. Josie and her husband, Rob, brought their daughter, Olivia, who is about 6 months older than Riley. I set the water table up, but neglected to get any pictures. It's a shame too since they clearly were having a lot of fun. Olivia was cracking me up and was pretty soaked after a couple hours.

It was fun to catch up with my old roomies and show how the house has changed since we all lived together.

One of the kids above actually looks like her mom... and it's not mine.

Tuesday morning Riley and I were hanging out playing 'Ring Around the Rosie' when I decided to capture that via video.

The above video makes me think about the stories I have been told about myself when I was little. Just envision me in a dress with a diaper cover that had ruffles on the butt running towards my daddy yelling "a-day-a, a-day-a"... That's right, I said I had ruffles on my butt.

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