Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's day 2012

I usually don't host family events at my house because I just don't have the space, but it was really important for me to host this year's Father's Day. I figured I would be able to pull the event off since the weather is typically nice enough this time of year to spread out through the house and into the yard. I watched the weather all week, and even though it rained during the week, Sunday looked like it was going to be perfect. Sunny. High 70's/ low 80's. Sure, the weather seems to change from day to day, but even that morning it looked like all skies would be clear. But then at 12:15ish the clouds came in and the weather channel online reported a small chance of rain during the 1 pm hour. Ok, I can deal with this. Maybe it won't happen - what's 30% chance of rain, anyway? And if it does happen? It will pass quickly, right? Right!?

Turns out it rained all afternoon and my ceiling started leaking. The cruddy weather meant my large family was crammed in my not so large house. I figured some of them would want to hang out in the basement or something. I mean it's remodeled people! But, nope - all hung out in the living room and dining room with a few scattered in the kitchen. But all was fine even if I didn't get to set up the ping pong table or ladder ball. All were happy to celebrate the dads that day... and surprisingly my brothers didn't even turn on the TV to watch sports.

There are more people to each side of me here. Definitely a packed house. 

I so desire a mudroom or some sort of entryway. Our back door looked like this as well. 

Time to eat. Luckily the rain let up enough for us to grill burgers, chicken and hotdogs. 

I turn away for one minute and my brother tied up my child. 

Little Alex checking out a picture of Grandma Ann (where she's standing next to a statue of a cow).

Baby Rocky!

Riley helped decorate the inside of this card for her Papa.

Dad and his granddaughter, Jacey. 

James checking out the meat my dad received as a gift. Since my dad seems to have everything he needs we often give him food. I made him Sloppy Joes. 

I tend to like 'in the moment' photos, but I have to admit I do like having these (somewhat) 'organized' photos to look back on. My sister, Judy, often spearheads this, and true to form, she got the grandkids and great grandkids in a picture with my dad (plus a non-grandkid, Jenny... but she's married to a grandkid and produced two great grandsons so we let her stay). And while my kid is doing some goofy thing with her legs it was the only picture where she wasn't whining. Plus I love how cute Jenny and James are here looking at each other. 

My dad wanted my nephew, Quentin (the tallest grandchild), to get a picture with the shortest grandchild, but that didn't really come together so my sister, Judy, stepped in (she's about 5'3"). Yup, he's tall. I'm sure this stuff never gets old for him. : ) 

Next in the posed photos series my dad sits with his 'kids'. Here I am squeezed in with 6 of my 8 step-siblings. Gotta love Chuck's big "I'm 8 years old" smile sitting right up front by himself.

And now on to the in-laws. These were all the folks that were brave enough to marry into our crazy family.

And finally, all the dad's. Happy Father's Day to all of you fine fellows. 

The sun finally appeared about a half hour before everyone left. Here are my nephews and my niece that I thought would be playing video games in the basement. They pretty much played with Riley's princess ball the whole time they were at my house. Aren't they cute?

Even with the rain it was nice to have family over to my house for once. Maybe next time the weather will cooperate. 

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