Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photo Dump

I've gotten a little behind in sharing pictures and filling you in on the more mundane parts of my life so this is a bit of a dump of information. Enjoy.


Riley has been enjoying the easel grandma and grandpa picked her up at a garage sale now that she's tall enough to really use it. We often bring it outside and let her draw to her heart's content. One side has paper and the other side a chalk board.


We've also been spending a lot of time at my dad's house.

This kid loves her rocks.

My dad's "guard dog".

This play house was originally built when my dad lived in the house I own now. He built it for my siblings (who are 10+ years older than me) in the '60's, but I think of it as mine. At the time it was painted to match our red house and was in a lot better shape (obviously). I spent hours and hours playing in this thing with my friends. We would open the drop down window (painted red here) and play McDonalds drive thru.

I have no recollection of my friends and I writing all over inside this thing, but we pretty much covered every corner.

Wish it was back at our house for Riley to play in. I think she's dreaming about the same thing.

Enjoying a windy day at Papa's.

More rocks!

Riley's been getting pretty good at writing her letters. Jesse started practicing with her by using her magnadoodle thing. He'd write a letter and she would draw over it.

Now she has been free handing most of her letters on paper and gets most of them right. I'm impressed at how quick she's been to pick this up.


How could I forget to mention that Riley is in a big girl bed now? This happened the week my mom passed away so I guess it makes sense that it got a little lost. She loves it and has done really well with it. So much more than I thought she would. There was only one night that I realized she was still up 2 hours after bed time. When I went into her room I found her sitting on the floor reading books with the light on... and books were everywhere. Since then it's like she's afraid to get out of bed without our permission. That even means in the morning when I would love for her to get out of bed and occupy herself while she lets us sleep in. 

She corrects me when I call her bed a crib... because it is clearly not a crib anymore. And who did she get those huge feet from? They look ginormous here.


As with many other toddlers she is loving stickers right now.

First time in Party City and this girl was in heaven. She behaved herself really, really well, but was so excited at every turn. So many colors and fun things to play with. We were here to buy stickers, of course.

We've been trying to get in some last minute walks after I get home from work. Usually it's just Riley and I since Jesse usually walks with her to the park or the library in the afternoon when he gets home from work, but Jesse came on this one too. She usually begs to watch TV so this is one of my ways of getting her to do something else. Plus I think it winds her down after a long day.

Stopped at the park one night for a few minutes before heading home from our walk. It's pretty hard to avoid the park since it is right down the block, but luckily she usually cooperates.


Nothing exciting, but wanted to get caught up with pictures and such. I'm sure there will be plenty more of these in the future. 


  1. That is AMAZING that Riley is writing her letters! AMAZING I tell you. It's so cool how quickly toddlers can pick things up. One day my little guy all of a sudden just knew all the letters. And then all of a sudden he, for the most part knew all the lower case letters. Then a few weeks ago in the bath he counted to 30 on his own!

    It sounds like I'm gushing or bragging, but not at all. It's just... I really am amazed because it's not like we sit and work on this stuff for hours, we play, we talk about numbers and letters, we sing, but then all of a sudden he knows things.

    Like... knows things.

    They are sponges of information, and it is just so cool to witness. One of my favorite parts about being a parent so far. :)

    1. They are total sponges and it truly is amazing to see them pick up on new skills just like that. I wish I could still do that!

      It's also interesting to see how they can excel in one area, but not so much in another. I don't think Riley sat up on her own until she was 10 months, but anything to do with the alphabet has come pretty easy. It makes me wonder if that is a sign for the future or not.

      And I get what you are saying about that you are not bragging. I sometimes feel like it sounds like I am bragging, but I am just amazed that a little brain can do these things.


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