Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Photo a Day week 1

Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim


Friday mornings I leave my crew at home and walk 2.5 blocks to the bus stop. I love hopping in a car with my husband and daughter to be dropped off at the bus stop on other days (short, but sweet family time), but sometimes this brief walk is a nice peaceful start to the day. Especially on nice weather days like this.


It seems like all the cats want to do lately is eat. Not sure if it is the warmer weather or that it appears my husband no longer feeds them. I don't know if that last part is true, but I feel like the moment I walk in the door from work the cats do everything they can to get me to feed them immediately. I get tripped, rubbed up against, meowed loudly at... and if that still doesn't do it they start in on the destructive behavior such as chewing cords. As I write this I am using my husband's keyboard because mine suddenly no longer worked. Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

On your plate

I have actually taken on a lot of tasks recently and am trying to figure out which one gets priority each day. On my computer? That's a picture of a wood stove by dad wants me to sell on Craigslist. He has a number of antique stoves, a wood chipper, and mason jars (to start) that I need to post, but first I have to figure out what these things are worth. The researching is really the time consuming part. The pile on the left side of my desk? That would include the 'thank you' cards I was going to make for Riley's b-day which was in February (at this point I'm not sure they'll ever go out), the genealogy search I started on my family, some flex spending paperwork and a box of sympathy cards for my mom that I need to share with my dad. The sheet of paper under my monitor is my Photo a Day word prompt. Plus, I have been writing on this blog... even though it is inconsistent and random. And that doesn't include working, family time, trying to be more active...


Darn squirrels are eating Riley's water table. I caught one on the deck the other day chewing away. He scampered off when Riley and I went onto the deck to play with the table. He sat, waiting, for a good hour on the neighbor's steps.  He finally gave up, but has clearly been back. Pretty much the whole top and the legs look like this. Anyone have suggestions to have them stop doing this? Is this what squirrels do or do we have some messed up squirrels in our neighborhood?


I couldn't decide on one sign for this prompt so you get two. I like these old "10 mph" signs in our alleys because they look like they are from at least a few decades back. I feel like they cold tell a lot of stories if they could talk.

The "Stop the freight rail re-route!" signs are pretty popular in our neighborhood although there aren't nearly as many as there were last year. Some blocks had a sign at every house. The controversy stems from the new light rail that they want to build. It would displace the freight trains to another line which runs right next to the high school (and not far from our house). The kids are always walking across this rail line to get to various places (such as McDonalds) so there are some great safety concerns.


This was my husband's game night. Every Wednesday his buddies come over and play strategic board games. While they were whooping it up in the basement Riley and I went for a long walk and a play at the park (above I'm getting her ready to leave). My husband often takes her for a walk before I get home from work, but I am trying to get walks in with her partly because I am trying to be more active. Let's just say I've been feeling a little lazy lately.  Plus, I like hanging out outside with my kid.

We started out walking a path that we don't normally take and passed three playgrounds that were inaccessible because they were behind fences. It was a little bit of torture for my kid to not be able to stop at these (especially the one with the dinosaur - roar!), but overall she did great. And we did make a stop at the playground at the end of our block so all was right with the world.


Nothing like a cold cranberry juice at the end of a hard day of work. Some people drink pop (or soda - depending on where you are from), but I am more of a water girl with one glass of cranberry juice a day - usually with dinner. Delish.

See June Photo a Day week 2 and 3.

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