Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Photo a Day - Week 2


I took a couple different pictures for this day' s challenge, but decided I liked this one best.for a couple reasons. This window is above my kitchen sink and after living in a couple houses that only had a wall to look at this window is greatly appreciated. It's probably the window I look out of most. Hopefully, my neighbors realize that I am washing dishes as I look out this window... otherwise I am probably known as the creepy neighbor who stands at her window. The other reason I like this window is that it's the perfect window to hang this crystal that my birthmom gave me. My last house did not have one window that allowed this crystal to show it's full spectrum of beauty.


Red is probably my favorite color. As noted in my last photo of the day post my house and my bedroom are red. So are a lot of my clothes. I seem to naturally navigate to red. So when deciding on what to capture for this day it would seem that I would perhaps take a picture of one of my beloved red items. Even now ( I right this several days later) I want to run outside and take a picture of my house, but I'll stick with the above picture.  "What is it" you might ask? It's a small decorative container my supervisor gave to each of us on my team when we made our recent move. Perhaps best used for pens, but I haven't decided on it's purpose yet. It just sits at my desk waiting to be used.


Riley provided me with many loud moments this day... at music class she was the loudest, and after her nap she had a complete breakdown that was mighty loud, but I didn't capture either of those moments. As the day wore on I tried to think how should I capture 'loud' and even tried to think of artsy fartsy ways to do so.  I even took a picture of rippling water when we were out on a windy (loud) walk. Later that day Riley and I were throwing a ball around when I asked if she could pretend to scream. She did and I got this picture. Way cuter than rippling water.

Someone you talked to today

I had to warn my husband that I would be taking a picture of him this day. He pretty much despises having his picture taken so I tried to ease his concerns by letting him know that I would take the picture from the back... which was apparently a lie because the first three pictures of him showed his face. And he didn't look happy in any of them. So instead of showing you my husband looking like a curmudgeon (when he's actually a rather awesome guy) I honored my word and took a picture of him from the back. You'll see he's wearing his headphones here which is a pretty common sight while he's at his computer. My desk sits to his right and I often have my back to him talking away when I realize he can't hear me because of his headphones. *sigh* I guess, even if he can't hear me, he's still someone I talked to.


My company made some cuts in the past year and one of the most abhorred is the change from a regular plastic fork to a spork. I haven't met one person who quite gets this change. I mean is a spork cheaper than a fork? Are we really saving that much? At any rate I couldn't successfully eat with these tools and decided to bring in my own silverware. I suppose this would have been the smart thing to do even before the big spork controversy, but better later than never. Right?

A Sign

I have three camera devices: My Nikon D80, my point and shoot Sony, and my cell phone. Obviously the D80 is my favorite to use, but it's large so my husband got me the Sony to always have in my purse for those moments I just needed to capture. Apparently, he was sick of the crappy pictures I was taking with my phone... and so was I. For this day I figured I would be using the Sony to take a picture of one of the signs at my office. I really didn't give this picture much thought. I wanted it to be something really awesome, but had resigned myself to it being a sign close to my cubicle. It was one of those days. So there I was at work at 7 pm realizing that I needed to take a picture before it was tool late when I realized that I left the Sony (and the Nikon) at home. So I present to you a picture with my phone. As far as the pictures I take on my phone this is a masterpiece. Usually most pictures are blurry. So 'thank you' phone for giving me a relatively clear picture.


So, yea, there were no clouds today. Not that I could find. Perhaps if I had gone outside at lunch time like every other employee at my company I might have seen them then, but for some reason I didn't. That might not seem so strange except we are having gorgeous weather for March and I should be taking full advantage of it. I figured I could get some outside time with my daughter when I got home, but that didn't exactly work out either. As I was riding home on the bus my husband even texted me to let me know they were still at the park. I was excited to meet up with them and saw Riley riding her trike towards me as I walked down the block. But my dreams were short lived as she headed right into the house and demanded to go into the dark basement. *sigh* Lucky for me (and all of us in MN) we are supposed to have quite a few of these days this week so there's still hope for me after all.

See Photo a Week 1, 34, and 5.

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