Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Project 52 - Dress Up - Week 39


Last weekend Jesse was gone for a boys weekend and grandma and grandpa took Riley for an overnight which left me with approximately 24 hours completely to myself. So many things I could have done! Unfortunately, I was sick (and still am) and accomplished close to nothing except for watching a few movies.

Saturday morning, while I still had Riley, we headed off to the fabric store. I recently made a photo backdrop frame and wanted some white fabric and some fun fabric. I really know nothing about fabric, but was hoping for some advice at the fabric store. I sort of got it, but they weren't as helpful as I hoped (and assumed I knew more than I did). Plus, Riley was in love with this store and kept loudly proclaiming it, and then singing, and then begging to buy her own fabric swatch, and it was all too much for my sick brain to take in. We walked out with a fabric swatch for Riley and that was it.

I went home, and after getting some rest, did some research on fabric and converted feet to inches and yards so I would have a clue what I was doing when I returned the next morning. It was way less overwhelming armed with some knowledge and without a child constantly talking next to me. I love her, but sometimes I just need some silence.

Anyhoo, I purchased a couple different fabrics, went home and ironed them, and then set up the frame. And that was all the energy I had until later when I was trying to entertain my kid by having her play dress up. I told her I would take pictures of her and then provided her with a bunch of scarves to select from. All I had to do was sit there and push a button on my camera. Except... she insisted I play dress up too and she'd take pictures of me (with the point and shoot). How could I not follow through on her request?

This was all Riley's doing - goofball

And her picture of me below... also you can see the frame set up here (and the light coming through the back which unfortunately highlighted the cross bar). I found the blueprints here and it was fairly easy to build. I can't wait to use it in a better spot and when I feel better.

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