Thursday, September 10, 2015

Project 52 - My Big Girl - Week 36


Dear Riley,

I remember when sending you to Kindergarten was just a thought for your dad and I - one day we'd have a kid in school... and now we do. (I'm going to do a separate post about your first day of school, but I wanted to document how amazed I am with you). You constantly surprise me with how well you adapt and how well you accept new situations (most of the time).

I don't remember much about my Kindergarten experience except that it's the year I learned about King Tut (a love that lasted many years). Who would have thought that would be the thing that stuck with me. Not sure why I remember that, but I hope you also walk away learning about the unexpected. Before you started school we asked you what you hoped to learn and you weren't sure what to tell us. I don't blame you - how do you figure out what you want to learn before you know all that there is to learn?

Eventually, after some suggestions, you said you were excited about music classes (which are part of the curriculum). And then you said you wanted to learn how not to be scared.

Gah, HEART BREAKING over here.

But after further clarification you told me you were scared of the really, really dark, and of meeting new people. I get it kiddo because you are me and I am you. You have more guidance and stability in your life so you pull through this stuff better than I did as a kid, but I get it.

I also know your fears are normal and that you aren't living a life of fear. This morning you walked off with a slight nervousness in your eye, but you didn't hesitate. You got in line and barely looked back. There were no big goodbyes or tears (on your part).

Time is moving far too fast. Yet, at the same time I can't want to see the person you will become at the end of this year. School is good for you. You will flourish and you will learn the unexpected.

I look forward to finding out who your King Tut will be.



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