Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Project 52 - Stars - Week 37


This past weekend we traveled to the North Shore (more on that coming soon) with the hopes of some hiking, star viewing and relaxing. Jesse has recently gotten into astronomy and was all set with his binoculars, tripod, special chair (seriously) and star reference book. I planned to take pictures while up there, but didn't plan out as well as Jesse did and discovered that we only had the binocular attachment for the tripod. I could use it with my camera, but it wasn't as flexible so I couldn't get the angle I wanted... and then I couldn't quite get the settings right. Something I will still work on. My pictures didn't remotely turn out in the way I hoped, but it's a starting point.

The view of the stars was absolutely amazing. It's been so long since the sky has been clear at night when I've gone up north that it really blew me away. I was tempted to sleep outside just so I could take them in a little bit longer.

Can you see the big dipper here?

I can't wait until I have this view again - this just isn't something I get to see where I live and it makes me appreciate it so much.

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