Thursday, September 3, 2015

Project 52 - Milestones - Week 35


I can't believe this day has come. Riley wrapped up her preschool program earlier this week and will be starting kindergarten next Thursday. In the meantime, she's spending some time at the in-home daycare she used to go to a couple years ago. Some of the same kids are there so it's been a fun change of pace for her.

The night before her last day at preschool Riley wrote letters to each of her teachers letting them know why she likes them and then she decorated each envelope (and we added gift cards). She was so excited to give these to her teachers that she would not let go of them... they went to bed with her and they were by her side as she brushed her teeth in the morning. They meant so much to her.

She's very excited to start school next week. She almost seems too comfortable with it, but we'll see how it all goes down when she starts. We've been making some last minute changes when it comes to her transportation to school and we just found out who her teacher will be. It's all falling into place. We will soon have a new schedule and a new normal. In fact we just made our first rookie mistake and planned a long weekend up north next week... until I realized that just because I have a Monday off doesn't mean that she can just take any day off (well, she could, but it's not like in preschool).

This weekend we plan to do some last minute prep - hair cut, get new lunch box, etc. Then we will get to have a one on one with her teacher early in the week... and then I will have to try to hold it together as I drop her off on her first day of kindergarten. I swear she was just a baby the other day and now she's this little person going off to school.

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