Saturday, November 21, 2015

Project 52 - Love Letters - Week 46


Last week was a sad week with the events in Paris and Beirut, but not something we exposed Riley to. However, I wonder if she felt how it weighed heavy on us as she was extra lovey. She does that. I'm crabby? She gives me extra love. She wrote Jesse and I multiple love notes over the week and I thought my heart might explode.

The first one she dictated to Jesse:

Mom I love you. You have a good heart. It's best when you are there. It's pretty when we have our love. It's good waving goodbye when other people love you. The most thing in my house is your hugs. It's the most day when we shout hooray! I love everything you do. It's such good when we are together.

Riley and Jesse

Later in the week I received another letter:

Oh mom. I love you! just so much, you are my mom! last day you made me feel good! {heart} Riley

Seriously heart melting over here. I love this kid.

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