Sunday, November 8, 2015

Project 52 - Photo Assistants - Week 44


Last week, when I took some photos of friends, my hubby and daughter tagged a long. I thought it might be fun for Riley to play on the playground while I was taking pictures and then fun for Jesse and I to check out a restaurant in our old neighborhood (we should have stuck to a fav, but instead tried something new and didn't love it). Riley did play at the park, but spent most of her time following me around. It worked out great as Jesse and Riley were in charge of blowing bubbles which helped the little kids looks in my direction.

Side note: While Riley was playing at the playground she turned to Jesse and said "Where's Jo and her friends?". Later in the week, she and I talked about making a book together and she said the book would be written by her and illustrated by "mom [my lastname]". Haha - apparently, she's experimenting with what she calls me.

Anyhoo, I snapped some quick pictures of my people. They aren't anything spectacular, but they help me remember how helpful they were that day (and how much I miss living close to this park).

And, I couldn't leave this gem out. I love this guy.

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