Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Red Wing Photo Session

Last weekend, I went out to Red Wing to Photograph my co-worker, Kendrah, and her family. I really have no plans to turn this into a business, but I've had a bunch of people asking me for pictures lately so I thought "why not". It's good experience and allows me to photograph something other than my kid.

Jesse, Riley and I thought about spending a night in Red Wing and making it a bit of a birthday getaway (Jesse's birthday is this week), but Jesse had plans to go camping on Sunday. Yes, camping in November... during hunting season. So we headed to Red Wing for a few hours (before he headed to the North Shore the next morning). We got there a little early so I took a few pictures around town before heading off to Kendrah's fabulous home. Seriously, such a beautiful home. I may have had a little home envy. We started out in a woodsy area right next to her house and then went to a cemetery as well.

Kendrah is on a 'sister' team of mine so I don't get to connect with her that often - especially since I don't work in the office so it was nice to connect with her and meet her lovely family.

I love the details around town.

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