Monday, March 12, 2012

Minnie Jesse

Time to get caught up on what we've been doing. With all the hoopla about Riley's party a month ago I neglected to share her stats from her 2 year doctor appointment.

24 lb 11.2 oz

2' 11.5"

Yup, she still has the face of her daddy and the body of her mommy. At least I can claim something, right? Although, if you look close you can see little hints of me in her face. Her nose has a slight square at the end and her lips seemed to be mine, but after examining the picture below I'm concerned that might not be so true anymore. It's a little hard to tell, but it appears that I can only claim the lower lip now. That's the one you really pout with anyhow. And I know her eyes look like mine in this picture comparison, but trust me... they are her dads. Whatever, she's cute and I know she's mine. It's kinda funny because once upon a time (before I met my birth-family) it would have been really important  for me to have a kid that looked more like me. Now I just look at her and think 'I made that'. How cool.

Ok. On to other things. Grandma and Grandpa came over last week? or was it two weeks ago now? Ugh, I might be a little more behind with these pictures than I thought. The point is they came over, we went on a walk, and took these pictures.

This is my attempt at getting us all in the picture as we were sitting on a swing. I took many, but this is the only one with all of us. Gotta love how most of us are smiling... and then there is my husband, apparently lost in some sort of contemplation.

So I have been thinking it might be time to get Riley into a swimming class as she has started to get on her belly in the tub and even dunk her face a little into the water. She even let me run the shower over her the other day which would have petrified her until recently. Seems like it might be a good time to take advantage of her growing trust of the water.

I added the black bar to spare her some of the embarrassment we've already inflicted on her as parents. I have tons of nuddie pics of myself as a baby, but my parents had the good sense not to put them on the internet. Never mind that it didn't exist at the time. My mom just made a 100 copies of every picture she took of me and sent to everyone and their cousin. Who knows how many strangers have pictures of me sitting in their basement...

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