Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Photo A Day - Week 4

Week 4 of Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim

Kitchen Sink

I feel like I could say a million things about this picture, but it's so precious it sorta speaks for itself.


Riley received this book for her birthday from her Uncle Richie, Auntie Susee, and her cousins. I wasn't sure how into it she would be, but she really likes it. She has a thing for the sun and the moon so I imagine that's what drew her in to begin with, but now she is even starting to identify the planets! Well, Mercury, at least, but it's a start.

An Animal

This is my cat, Lucy. She's not my favorite. I know, I know... I'm terrible for saying so, but it's the truth. Diablo, our other cat, is just better behaved... or less annoying. Depends on who you ask. I actually planned on taking a picture of Diablo or both of them, but decided on this instead. Lucy was locked in our home office so she'd let Diablo eat in peace so I sorta had her trapped. I do have to give Lucy a lot of credit as she's pretty good about letting Riley pet and kiss her. She also likes to give lots of love to us... of course, it's usually because she wants food, but it's better than doing bad stuff.


So by the time I checked the picture prompt for the day I had already eaten my breakfast. Like many mornings, I had a couple of Van's frozen gluten free waffles with real maple syrup. I was delighted to discover these waffles taste like normal frozen waffles... and not like pieces of cardboard as many gluten free items do. I don't eat completely gluten free as it's just so hard to do so, but cutting back on it where I can has made a difference in how I feel.

This toaster oven is possibly as old as I am and that 'continuous cleaning' listed on the front is a complete surprise to me. You might have noticed that it's not very clean unless you think clean is covered in crumbs with burnt food on the bottom.


I used to have a drawer full of spare keys until I realized things like "I don't own that car anymore" so I pretty much got rid of them all and organized the rest. I own a duplex that has a different key for every door and deadbolt. Makes it a little irritating when you need to remember what key to use, but now that they are organized I only get slightly irritated trying to figure out what key to use.

Your Name

Jo. Can you see it. Huh? Huh?


I've never been an under the sink garbage can kind of person, but here I am. My husband and I have actually been trying to find the perfect trash can for years. It wasn't until we remodeled our tiny kitchen that it became blaringly obvious that we couldn't have just any eyesore acting as our garbage. My husband found this nifty solution... and finally, we can sleep soundly at night.

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