Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Photo a Day - Week 3

Week 3 of Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim


This picture is why I like this photo a day challenge. I probably never would have taken this picture, but now I have and it's one of my favorites. I wanted to get a unique view of the car and took pictures from a number of angles, but in the end this one just stands out.


Ham bone still loves her sunglasses. She's even wearing her 'Rock Star' shirt here which seems quite fitting. I even introduced the sunglasses on the head concept this day and she loved it. When I took the sunglasses off her head she'd insistently say "sungasses head".


Living the lie. Grandma got Riley this "Hug Me I'm Irish" t-shirt, but none of us are Irish. Regardless, it was St. Patty's day so, of course, she was going to wear it. Thanks grandma! We went to Riley's music class in the morning where most parents and their kids where wearing green except for her party pooper dad who was in blue. She was pretty excited and pointed out "green... green... green".

A corner of your home

The first pictures I took captured the truth of our house. Kids. Toys. Everywhere. I then took pictures of my antique cameras that sit in a cabinet in the corner. Then I decided to take a picture of this monkey cookie jar. My husband convinced me that no one needed to be subjected to a picture of our messy living room and that I should be literal in the sense that a corner should be distinctly showing in the picture. So this is what you get.  Meh.


Jenny, the goofball above, hosted a wedding shower for her new sister-in-law, Diana (in the polka dots on the right). Diana recently married my nephew, Michael, in San Diego where they live and are having a reception this weekend in MN. Technically, I was a host of the shower too, but all I did was pitch in some money and show up late due to work. Yes, I'm lame like that. Jenny did a great job pulling the shower all together, had two happy hour glasses of wine waiting for me, and made silly faces. Little did she know that she'd be my picture of the day.

Before / After

I recently picked up the five book Frankenstein series by Dean Koontz from the bookshelf at work. These books aren't ones that I would normally read, but I didn't have a book to read home on the bus that day so I thought I would give it a try. I am almost done with book three, but wasn't sure I'd read anything after book two. They are a pretty easy read and you can see here, between my bus ride and about 15 minutes of my lunch, I went from chapter 19 to 31. Once I complete the series I plan to write more and give my full opinion of these books.


This is one of my favorite meals to pick up downtown when I haven't brought my own lunch, but this day I wasn't as excited as I usually am. Sadly there wasn't really anything that I could truly call 'delicious' today, but this came closest.  Too bad this day's photo prompt wasn't 'mediocre'.

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