Saturday, March 3, 2012


Before our big move at work we decided to have a "Dip Off". Nothing better than filling your belly with a bunch of creamy, oily dips to soothe the sorrow you feel about moving. I'm not sure why it was called a "Dip Off" since I don't think it was a contest, but it's entirely possible that it was and no one told me who won because they wanted to spare my feelings that it wasn't me. I'm ok with that because pretty much everyone verbally told me that they loved my Reuben dip. It was the first time I made it, but probably not the last. Maybe next time I'll actually remember to take pictures. Since I didn't this time just click on the link above to salivate at Mehgan's pictures and of course, to get the recipe.

I also recently found a great little Reuben Bean burger recipe in USA Weekend. Since I had leftover Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut I figured this would be a good way to finish them off. I had never made a bean burger before, but have to admit this was incredibly easy and tasty. I didn't make the sauce as listed in the recipe since I had the Thousand Island dressing and we decided to skip the bread. This meal paired with some rice and vegetables was quite filling. And a plus was that my kid liked it.

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