Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Photo a day - week 1

I've liked the idea of doing a photo a day or photo a week series, but wasn't ready to make that sort of commitment. Well, I am going to kind of commit... to one month as inspired by this post by Fat Mum Slim.

At least I am going to give it a good try. My plan is to show my pictures of the day one week at a time...


When I saw this day was 'Up' I thought I knew the perfect picture - my ceiling at work. I'm in a new spot and the lights are uber irritating so it seemed appropriate to document this. Problem was I wasn't going to be at work this day since Riley didn't have daycare and I had to stay home with her. So I cheated and took a picture on the last day of February instead. You'll notice the irritating light on the right, but there is also one on the left above the makeshift fort I've created. But, because I am a rule follower I also took a picture on 3/1 to be fair. If only the 3/1 picture was my regular view at work. Perhaps I should blow it up and plaster it over the light.


Every day at work I have a container filled with cut pieces of Pink Lady apples. My favorite. Thanks to my friend, Tom, for teaching me the way of the Pink Lady apple. No apple compares. Not even the Honey Crisp. I know I've probably made some enemies with that comment, but I stand behind it fiercely. So I thought this would be the obvious picture until I realized my kid ate my last Pink Lady. I had to settle for a banana, but then discovered that I did have some apple left in the work fridge... and then realized that it didn't taste right and I threw it away. Ok, so not every Pink Lady can be a winner. Shut up. So, yay for the banana. By the time I got home from work my husband had replenished the apple supply, plus bought more bananas and a mango for my special mango, tomato, black bean, cilantro rice. Yay for my husband taking care of the grocery shopping!

Your Neighborhood

It was cold today. Colder than it has been lately. We left the house in the morning to take Riley to her music class, and I hoped we'd go outside to play in the afternoon, but it was a no go. That didn't mean that I couldn't go out and capture the neighborhood, but why should I when I can take a picture through my kitchen window. I mean, all the houses look the same anyway... just different colors.  Just imagine block after block of post World War II Cape Cod housing. You get the drift.


Like the outside of my house my bedroom is also red. I know it's not recommended to have a red bedroom. It's supposed to make you angry or something. Or hungry... as it's suggested for a dining room color only, I think. At any rate, I get migraines and sometimes need a nice dark place to sleep them off. Pair red walls with dark brown curtains and you've created such a chamber. However, my migraines haven't been as bad the last few years (knock on wood) so I am tinkering with the idea of painting the walls blue. It's sort of funny that there is a remote control on my night stand since I read way more than watch TV in my room. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I watched TV in there. Pre-child I watched TV every night before bedtime (House Hunters, oh how I miss you).

A Smile

Of course, I was going to capture my daughter's smile - that was a no brainer (note to self: wash your child's face before taking pictures). But then I turned the camera on myself and took a picture that I actually like. Plus it shows my crooked grin.

5 PM

This one felt like a bit of a challenge since I am usually on the bus at 5:00 pm. I didn't want to be the crazy lady on the busy taking pictures (although I might have cemented that title when I did this). But then I realized this was a Tuesday and on Tuesday I work wonky hours (10:30 - 7:30) so I'd be at work at 5 PM. I then decided I would capture my new light blocking device that is making my new spot a little more bearable - the Ikea leaf canopy I found on Craigslist. See how nicely it blocks that garish light? And because I don't want to sound like I am constantly complaining about my new location I decided to walk down the hallway and take a picture out a window that does not look directly at a brick wall. It's a pretty nice view.

Something you Wore

Would someone just turn me into What Not to Wear already! I seriously need some new clothes and struggle every day with picking out what to wear. This day I was a little luckier as I was home again with Riley so I was looking forward to wearing my jammie jams much of the day, but then realized I had to leave the house twice. In the morning we went to visit my parents and in the afternoon I went to get my haircut. Since I had to be out in public I put on a pair of old jeans and one of my favorite tops. I am loving stripes right now and this shirt is as close to jammie jams as I can get. I usually wear a colorful sweater or scarf over the stripes, but decided to wear plain ol' grey on top of grey. Meh.

See Photo a day week 2, 34, and 5.


  1. I love your smile pictures, both are perfect because they aren't perfect! So far I have been trying to post everyday with the picture but I have a feeling I am going to need to move to the weekly post. This appears to be working really well for you, so thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I knew I would never be able to post a picture each day. I'm just not organized enough to do that, but I figured I could do one week at a time. Let's just hope I can keep up with it!

  2. I like the sincerity of your comments. You are a good blogger. Thanks for sharing your photos (:

    1. Thanks Clare! I appreciate your comments!


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