Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Frozen Weekend

This weekend felt very busy, although part of it was really recovering from the other part.

Saturday involved a heavy work out at the gym, cleaning up around the house, walking to a nearby kite festival, two epic breakdowns by my normally well behaved child, and a photo walk with a bunch of strangers at the Sculpture Garden followed by apps and drinks at Stella's (more info about the photo walk in another post. Phew, I'm exhausted just writing that out. It didn't help that earlier in the week I woke up and couldn't bend my neck to the right... and was still dealing with the pain of that. Ouch.

I took some picture at the 26th annual Kiwanis Kite Festival so I might as well share a couple of them. Riley didn't want to bring her kite so we went with plans to simply watch, but she changed her mind. Luckily, they were handing out free kites. Riley grabbed a Frozen themed one and let Jesse fly it. It was the perfect day for kite flying and minimal work was needed to keep the kite in the air. However, it did come down a few times and after the third time Riley freaked out when we let it go up again. Just totally lost it because apparently she was done and wanted no more of the kite flying. Seeing it was the second breakdown of the day (first one involved the pants she was wearing) we decided to go home for a "rest".

There were more kites behind us - fun, free activity for kids (and adults).

Sunday started slow, but before I knew it Riley and I were off to a Frozen themed birthday party for my friend's 3 year old daughter.

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

It wouldn't be a Josie party if it didn't have a theme, a 'special guest', a pinata, and Filipino food.

My favorite

Elsa showed up mid party and, of course, Riley wanted nothing to do with her. She asked multiple times if there was an Elsa in the real world. That night I finally gave her a real answer and let her know that she was not real... that it was someone dressed up as her. She knew. She wasn't buying that this woman was really Elsa and I couldn't lie to her. I'm surprised that I haven't already dispelled her of the fantasy of Santa Claus.

Riley standing far away from Elsa eating the frosting off a cupcake

Later on she got closer to Elsa, but was  still very skeptical.

The treats were impressive and Pinterest worthy.

 Riley was going to wear her Anna dress, but opted on an all black ensemble at the last minute.

Pale skin, black clothing, and cool glare...goth in the making.

 And then we went home and both crashed for a well deserved nap. Love these weekends, but also grateful for weekends with absolutely no plans.

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