Saturday, April 11, 2015

Project 52 - The Zoo - Week 14


Originally, we thought we might spend some time up north this weekend, but the weather didn't look so great up there so we made new plans to go to the zoo. It was supposed to be quite nice close to home so we headed out early to beat the crowds... and so did a lot of other people. So it was a little busy, but as we left the cars were streaming in so it could have been way worse. The Minnesota Zoo is featuring the farm babies right now so that was our main goal, but we checked out a lot of other exhibits and even went on the new carousel ride.

The animals seemed extra active today and we even saw an amazing bear brawl. The two bears were right on the other side of the glass and were attacking each other. At one point one bear was in the pool when the other jumped right on top of him from the side of the pool. I've never seen anything like that at the zoo and my normally timid kid was standing right there watching it - not freaking out at all.

Later when I came home and was trying to decide which pictures to post (there were a lot) I realized I took a lot of photos where there were three of the same animals together so I am going with that theme this week. I used my zoom lens today which I haven't used in awhile and it had me wishing for something that extended beyond 70mm, but that dream will have to wait.

To see more zoo pictures, including the bear fight, check out here.

These Canadian Lynx were my favorite and were quite interested in something just outside their 'habitat'

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