Thursday, April 23, 2015

Project 52 - quiet moments - Week 16


This past weekend I came home to find Riley taking a nap on the couch in our basement. There is something so sweet about seeing a child sleep. She just seemed so peaceful and innocent... I knew I had to grab my camera to capture this moment.

Luckily, I didn't wake her with my camera clicks and I was happy that there was just enough light to get a halfway decent picture.

She was wrapped up in my work blanket (yes, I have a work blanket - it sometimes gets chilly in my office). She gets so delighted when she gets to use it. I think it's because she knows it's my special blanket - something of her mommy's.

I know these moments are fleeting - peaceful afternoon naps, that is. I thought these were long gone a couple years ago, but since Riley stays up late reading to herself each night naps have made a comeback. And mommy and daddy get an afternoon break. I can't imagine how this will change when she starts Kindergarten in the fall.

I wanted to smother that sweet, little, sleepy face of hers with kisses, but I held back and let little sleeping beauty get her rest. There's always time for kisses later.

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