Saturday, April 4, 2015

Project 52 - Color - Week 13


Easter is one of those holidays that I never thought much about until I had a kid. Tonight, the moment Riley went to bed, Jesse and I bolted up to put together her Easter basket, and fill plastic eggs with treats for an egg hunt. Jesse even made some treasure maps for part of the egg hunt. More on that later...

This post is simply about the tradition of coloring Easter eggs which we did Friday night while our pizza cooked for movie night. Turns out it doesn't take long to color eggs, especially when your kid makes you do all the work, but she loves that we do this together.

The best part was after watching the movie (we watched Spy Kids - cheesy, but cute and Riley loved it) when I decided to take pictures of the eggs. Riley ran to get her camera and took pictures right along side me. And tonight when I edited the photos she sat with me and we talked about "warming" up pictures and how to add a vignette. It warmed my little photography heart to see how interested she was in the whole process. I would be totally fine with her not showing any interest in photography, but I do enjoy seeing her interest in it... and really it's her interest in learning (anything) that I love.

She kept moving closer until she said she had the right light. So cute.

Riley decorated the egg container by writing "eggs" over and over.

 Happy Easter!

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