Thursday, April 16, 2015

Project 52 - Spring - Week 15


I signed up for a CSA this year and was supposed to get my first spring shipment this week, but not sure what happened as it hasn't been delivered yet. I did get my two dozen eggs, which I photographed, but then Riley and I went outside to play and those pictures just seem to speak more to this week. It really does feel like spring now - warmer weather, buds forming on trees, kids running around the neighborhood, and lots of time outside after school and work.

This night Riley asked me for paint, but I suggested she get some water and a paintbrush and 'paint' on the sidewalk. I have to admit it was partly because I didn't want to deal with the mess of real paint, but this gave us an excuse to go outside. Luckily, Riley was all over this idea and this simple activity entertained her for quite some time.

While outside we connected with our neighbors across the street. The kids played and my neighbor, a middle school science teacher, told me one of her students wants to do a project with moss where you blend it up and then paint it on something. The moss then grows in the shape it was painted in. I totally want to try this somewhere and luckily have a bunch of moss on my side yard I can use.

Afterwards we went inside and proceeded to our bedtime routine. Riley zonked out early and slept in late which is one of the best gifts spring outdoor play can bring this momma.

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