Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Photo a Day - Week 5

Week 5 of Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim

Just wrapping up the last few days of March before heading into April's Photo a Day.


My girl always has the most interesting feet in the house. With the warming weather and her 90th percentile height this might be one of the last times she wears her 'ribbit' jammies. Just the other day she was complaining about her toes... guess it's time for a bigger size.


I originally had another picture picked out that showed a lot of her toys... kinda of a destruction zone in our living room. But this picture seemed so sweet to me and kinda defined Riley's day. She wasn't feeling well and when she's feeling down and out she often gets snugly... sometimes with her parents and sometimes with her blankie or this monkey. She also, oddly, let me put this hood on her and got upset when it fell off.

Where you relax

I have to admit I was thinking about what this picture should be while I was sitting on the toilet. I know, so ladylike... but it is a spot that I can get some thinking done and sometimes relax (I will spare you a picture of my toilet). I thought about taking a picture of the couch or the bed or even my computer chair when it hit me that, besides, sleep, the place I truly relax is when reading a book.

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