Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Eve

We didn't have child care for Riley on Christmas Eve so I ended up taking the day off of work. Jesse had to work so Riley and I got some one on one time for a big chunk of the day.

We went outside even though it was quite cold. I thought Riley would start whining about the cold, but she loved playing outside. I pulled out her sand toys and she made winter soup and surprise winter meat. Num.

After our snow dinner we walked down to the ice rink. They are still working on the layers, but it was fun to slide around on in our boots. And even more fun to crack the ice, when possible.

That night we all went out to eat at what seems to be our New Years's Eve place, Christos. Some years we pick up take out, but this year we ate there.  Either way, it's always delicious. When we came home we read through our Feel Good jar. Surprisingly, our cat had a couple entrees and our Luxembourg family snuck in a couple which was a great treat. I feel like the jar has less items in it each year we do it, but I see that as a good thing as it started during a year I was struggling. It was a way to remind myself of the positive things in life. However, Riley's at the age where she totally embraces this and wants to share all the things that make her feel good. That, I can appreciate.

Obviously, the winter wasn't as brutal as the year before as there were waaaaaay less comments about how wonderful it was for spring to finally arrive. Surprisingly, there were a lot of comments about Diablo. Of, course I wrote most of them, but I just don't remember doing so and it's always heartwarming to hear Jesse write about our old cat. But my favorite comments were those from Riley... especially those in which she talks about Jesse and I. Such a special girl, that one.

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