Thursday, January 7, 2016

Project 52 - Lucy - Week 1, 2016


Well, here we are again. Week one of my project 52. I initially thought I might focus more on one subject this year, but then realized that was mostly because it would make a much more cohesive book when I printed it out at the end of the year. What I really want from this project this year is the same as what I wanted from it last year: to document life and to learn more about photography. Week to week may seem random at times in terms of what I choose to photograph, but it all fits into these two categories. This week leans towards the documenting side.

Over winter break Riley realized she could pick up the cat. It's not something she's ever attempted before and now that she has, she can't seem to stop. Lucy the cat is being remarkable tolerant of this... constantly being chased and held awkwardly. Riley is quite proud of herself and as she gets older she dotes on this cat more and more, even chastising Jesse for not being nicer to Lucy.

The other night we were reading a book about emotions that Riley brought home from school. One of the emotions was 'sad' so I asked her what makes her sad. She shared that it made her sad that we had to bring Diablo to the doctor. It always surprises me when she brings him up. I don't bring him up with her and I always thought she was closer to Lucy than Diablo (or Dahblo as she calls him), but his death obviously made an impact on her. As she went on and on about missing him she finally noted that she was sad that she never had the chance to pick up Diablo as she does with Lucy. So sad, funny, and heartwarming all at once. It's apparently a huge milestone for her and she's bummed that Diablo is missing out on all the fun.

This is our life right now. Let's hope both Riley and the cat get's through it unscathed.

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