Saturday, January 30, 2016

Project 52 - Frost - Week 4


I wouldn't be a true Minnesotan if I didn't talk about the weather. A lot. This past week as I tried to decide what picture I wanted to take I couldn't really decide... because of the weather. At first it was really cold, and then it warmed up, but it was consistently gloomy. In all honesty, I just didn't feel inspired to pick up the camera.

As the week rolled on, I begged for an hour, just an hour, of sun. I don't know how people live in places like Alaska where the sun shines for a few measly hours a day during certain times of the year. No thank you. I need the sun.

I find the lack of sun far too depressing. To top it off, it seemed like everyone went on a sunny tropical vacation this week. Except me. I continue to trudge through winter even though I tell myself every year that I will plan a get away for the following winter. And then I don't.

But here we are at the end of January. I just have to get through February and then on to March which can be terribly snowy, but dangles the promise of spring in front of you. The sun did finally peak out a bit this week (thank you Mother Nature) and the birds have been chirping, which gives me a false sense of spring, but I'll take it.

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