Thursday, January 21, 2016

Project 52 - Reflections - Week 3


We went to the Children's Museum this past week and I came to the conclusion that Riley may be getting too old for this place. There were some older kids, even older than her, but I'm guessing they came along for the ride with their younger siblings. Also, lots and lots of pregnant women there which I used to feel like I saw more of. Perhaps, I am so separated from the days of pregnancy that I don't normally notice it. Not sure. Next time we head over to St. Paul we'll probably check out the Science Museum, but it will be sad when we no longer go to the Children's museum as it's entertained us for years now.

Anyhoo, we came across this box of lights and Jesse suggested I take a picture. I quickly did (there were kids everywhere) and I ended up with this reflection.

I knew Riley would have fun with this so I showed her the picture I took and let her be her. And she was... child of many silly faces. This would have been fun to play with more, but we were being overrun by other kids so we moved on to some other adventure. These pictures kind of remind me of those portraits from the '70's where there was a second faded head above the main portrait. Oh 1970's - the decade of awkward photos.

Such a little ham bone this one is. Goes to show that you can find a way to take fun pictures just about anywhere.

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