Friday, January 1, 2016

Project 52 - The end - Week 52


I made it! I finished each and every week and I did it by the last day of the year (even if I didn't post by the last day of the year). I was debating about committing to another year of this as I wasn't sure I wanted to have to take a picture each week, but when I looked back at the pictures from this project, I realized that they pushed me to try new things and document life in a new way.

This week, I had an idea of capturing Riley throwing snow in the air. I didn't have the off camera flash I needed to capture this the way I wanted to, but I think there are still some awesome things I learned from doing this. My inspiration came from Kellie Bieser. Check out her Instagram for some of her pictures and a short video of her set up. Obviously, my pictures look nothing like her's, but ya gotta start somewhere.

First off, I learned it's possible to take a picture in front of my open garage and get a black background. Ok, it didn't start out that way, but between some in camera settings and some editing (think cloning out our bikes, etc) I was able to get the look I wanted without having to invest in a black background.

I also tried this with real snow and fake plastic snow. If I ever get that flash, I'll pull out the fake snow again. Real snow worked fine, but I liked the look that the fake snow provided. Glitter would also be fun even if it would leave a mess. I know Riley would totally be on board. Plus, it was freaking cold out this day. If I used fake snow or glitter, I could take this picture whenever I wanted.

And the best part was that Riley was a willing participant once again. That girl is such a trooper and I certainly wouldn't have finished this yearly project without her. That girl's the best.

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