Sunday, April 8, 2012

April Photo a Day - Week 1

Week 1 of April Photo a Day inspired by Fat Mum Slim

Your Reflection

We've been doing some work on our kitchen. Actually, my husband has been doing most of the work while I've run after a 2 year old. Regardless of that fact, I identify with being the one who is very involved in home remodeling. So when I saw Riley playing with the tools I immediately thought that she was a mini reflection of me.  And, please never mind the chisel she has in her hand. It's dull. I swear.


Children bring a lot of color into your life (in so many ways). My life hasn't had this much (visual) color since the 80's.


Red house. Red mail box. I think it's pretty clear I like the color red. 

Someone Who Makes You Happy

So I actually took this picture on 4/5, but I had every intention of taking it on 4/4. 4/4 was a fail picture day, but the next couple days felt like that too. It felt a little more like an obligation than something to do for fun... or for a challenge. At any rate, I like this picture above because I know that she was dancing and singing "Ring Around The Rosie" and this is where she fell down... her favorite part. This kid makes me happy beyond words.


As noted above, this day felt a little forced. I was taking a picture because I had to, but I didn't really challenge myself. This one could have been really fun, but I'm not going to worry about it. It turned out in the end. The turtle is tiny... and I am moving on.


OMG. How pitiful am I? Totally forgot to take a picture of my lunch... which I wasn't very excited about anyway. I've been without a stove for a week and a half so I have been eating out a little bit more than usual. A couple hours after lunch I snuck my camera out of my purse and took a quick picture of the remaining evidence of my lunch (and breakfast and snack, actually)... and totally got busted by my co-worker who was all like "did you just take a picture of your garbage?"


Ok, this day I was back on track with being inspired to take my picture of the day, but I was worried I might not be able to get a good shadow shot as it started out as a rainy, gloomy day. Luckily, the sun came out and I was able to get this picture while we were out flying a kite.

See April Photo a Day week 2.

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