Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kitchen Remodel part 3ish

So the last time I posted any updates about the kitchen was last September. Yeah, September was quite some time ago, but there hasn't been much movement on finishing it... until recently. Jesse and I had decided we would tile the floor or have someone else tile it. That was our first roadblock. I thought we could totally tile it ourselves, but he was worried about a few areas and thought we should have a professional install it, but I just couldn't get over what it would cost.

Our next obstacle was actually finding tile that we liked and was within budget. We had someone donate extra tile they had, but the color didn't quite look right with our counter top so we kept looking. Besides not being able to find tile in a color/style that I liked I also realized how hard and cold it would be. I did not like this at all and even thought for a moment, that it may be in our best interest to put vinyl  back in...but then I came to my senses.

Our kitchen flows into our dining room which has 60+ year old oak wood floors so I had assumed that it would be too hard to match the hardwood. I dismissed the hardwood idea outright, but after struggling with the tile I decided to contact my hardwood floor guy to actually ask him. Turns out it's no big deal and he does it all the time. We set up a time for him to install, and after me screwing up the the install date (which led to some frantic clearing of appliances out of the kitchen) we got the floors done a couple weeks ago.

For reference, this is the vinyl we just took out and the flooring that was below that.

Vinyl out and floor prepped.

Wood in. Next step... sand and seal.

Final floor. So happy with how it turned out.

With the floor complete we could work on finishing some of those minor details like trim. Riley ended up getting sick so Jesse did most of the work of installing trim, finishing tile, and painting. We still have a corner between the kitchen and dining room that needs to be done, but for the most part the kitchen remodel is done. Now just to get window treatments, and a new toaster oven...

Just a reminder... here's a before and after.



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