Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Day in the Life - 4.28.12

In February I did a day in the life to document my working day. I thought it might be fun to do again, but this time I thought I'd show you what a weekend day might look like. Plus, I was encouraged by a blog post by Navigating the Mothership who does these quarterly.

1:20 - I wake up from a dream where I am a black woman who works as a judge. Jesse is still my husband and Riley is still my daughter. I am being attacked and I use a taser and knives to protect myself. Jesse comes to my defense just when I wake and need to go to the bathroom. I still feel the jaw pain that started shortly after dinner last night. I didn't hit it, or lay on it wrong. It just came out of the blue. I've been sleeping for the last few hours on my right side as it's the left side of my jaw that hurts. Usually, after a middle of the night bathroom break, I 'flip' sides when getting back into bed, but I stick to my right side this time.

4:04 - I wake again and go to the bathroom. Sadly, this is the norm. I drink a lot of water and just can't make it through the night.

5:50 something - wake up. *sigh* Turns out I have to go to the bathroom already. Wasn't I just up? However, I don't dare get up since any little noise at this time is likely to wake Riley who sleeps right across the hallway... and going to the bathroom is a big 'no' since it is between our rooms and risks making too much noise. I decide I will fall back to sleep. I have to. I came to bed a little later than usual last night and I am tired. Sleep, I welcome you.

6:48 - I give up. After tossing and turning, needing to pee, jaw still hurting and thinking about how I need to Google "jaw pain with sore throat", and a cat crawling all over me and laying directly on my bladder I decide to get up.

I am ok with Riley getting up at this time as she usually wakes up around 6:15 so I go to the bathroom, but decide not to push a good thing so I skip flushing. Note to self: remember to flush toilet when she wakes up. I take the following picture in the bathroom, but between the window light and the little orange light on the camera I cannot bring myself to open my eyes no matter how hard I try.

I go downstairs, take a vitamin, fix myself some Citrocel (yup, I'm that person), and head towards my computer. About 10 minutes after I am out of bed I hear my kid stirring. I go up to her room and find that not only did she pee a lot last night, but she pooped pretty good. I change her diaper, put on new pants since she leaked a little, and remove her sheets.

When I took the sheets off she insisted on playing in her crib.

She keeps saying "daddy, where are you?" so I take her into our bedroom where Jesse is still in bed. Riley decides she wants "food to eat" so I take her downstairs where she feeds the cat and then grubs on french toast and grapes for breakfast while I clean up the kitchen.

While she's still eating Jesse comes downstairs and eats with her. I take the opportunity to finish cleaning up the kitchen and to start the laundry. After eating Jesse lets Riley watch some ABC videos on his computer and then takes her into the basement to play while I start this post and eat breakfast.

Eating daddy's breakfast is so much better than eating my own.

8:15ish - Realize I have a haircut scheduled at 9 am so I head upstairs to get dressed. I come downstairs realizing I forgot to grab socks, and I forgot to flush the toilet. Note to self again: Flush toilet! I finally Google  "jaw pain with sore throat" and kinda wish I hadn't:
Results: Causes of Jaw pain AND Sore throat
1. Angina
A special type of chest more »
2. Heart attack
Serious and often fatal acute heart more »
3. Oropharyngeal cancer, adult
Cancer of the back of the mouth which forms part of the throat including the back of the tongue, tonsils, part of the throat wall and soft palate (oropharynx) more »
4. Quinsy
Tonsil more »
5. Shingles
Infectious viral infection occuring years after chickenpox more »
6. Sinusitis
Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal more »
7. Tetanus
A disease caused by chemicals which are produced by a bacterium (clostridium tetani) and are toxic to the nerves. The infection usually occurs when the bacteria enter the body through a deep wound - these bacteria are anaerobic and hence don't need more »
I have TMJ and I know this pain is different so I now start to wonder if I am having a heart attack or if I have shingles. I hope I make it through the day.

8:38 - After doing some more laundry, remembering to flush the toilet (!) and saying goodbye to the husband and kid I head off to Salon Stella to get my haircut.

On the way I try to find something worthwhile to listen to on the radio, but not even the Current is playing a song I like. I give up after I hear someone making fun of rape on KQRS. I see that I have one CD compilation I made years ago which I've dubbed "Rocker Chicks". I listen to the likes of Sam Phillips, Lori Carson, and others. While at the salon I listen to another woman talk about her dating experiences and how there are so many "Uncle Festers" out there. I am not sure what she means, but suspect I may be married to one... at least the bald headed part. She goes on to talk about the new dog she will be getting soon and that she's decided this dog needs a first and a middle name as her last couple dogs have too. I now wonder if my cats feel incomplete with only having first names and all...

10:00 - Haircut done.

Before and After. It may not look like much of a change, but it feels soooo much lighter. And, are my glasses always crooked like this? Good thing I hope to get new ones soon.

Head home and make a mental note as I pass Broadway Pizza to bring Riley there one day just to be able to sit in the caboose dining area. I get home and notice that Riley is in front of the TV with a Nuk. I don't like this scene, but I also understand when Jesse says she had been fussy.

When she saw me with my camera she ran and grabbed hers as well.

While I was gone they went to pick up a few things at Home Depot. Jesse started lunch for Riley so I finish that, and do some more laundry. I jump in the shower because I feel that one little hair from my haircut that keeps poking into my back. After Riley finishes eating I show her a new writing app I downloaded on the iPad, but it might be slightly too advanced for her (we want one where she can practice writing letters with her fingers). While she plays with the iPad I go upstairs and remake her bed to ready her for her nap. I come back down and eat some of her leftover Mac and Cheese which hurts my jaw.

12:15 -  Riley comes upstairs with me and we read a couple books before I lay her down at 12:30. I head back downstairs and mail off some information about Pacemakers to my dad. He's having one put in this coming Friday and was concerned about what he couldn't do once he has one. God forbid my 84 year old dad could no longer use one of his 4 gas chain saws. The doctors gave him a list, but he wanted to hear from real people so earlier in the week I posted something on and got a good number of responses. I don't mean to be cheesy, but based on the responses I received those people have big hearts.

I decide to make pico de gallo since we have a bag of tortilla chips. Perhaps not the best idea since crunchier items make my jaw hurt more, but I don't care because I am hungry.

I follow this up with an apple because I want to eat something even more painful than the tortilla chips, apparently. I watch an episode of Friday Night Lights while doing all of this as it came highly recommended. I'm halfway through season one and think it's a'right, but I'm not totally sold.

1:00 - Take a Photo a Day picture since the prompt today is 1pm. Then I just hang out writing this post and get some things together for Riley since she is going to spend the night at grandma and grandpa's house.

2:40 - Riley wakes up and, of course, wants "food to eat". I love how she says it that way... just likes she asks for "books to read". After snacking we play and get ready for grandma to arrive.

After playing on the bed I do more laundry and clean the kitchen. Again.

4:00 - Grandma shows up and plays with Riley before taking her overnight. Riley started fussing so I made grandma hide so Riley could find her. Below grandma is trying to get Riley to hide, but Riley just copies grandma by covering her own face and counting. Obviously, she doesn't quite get the hide and seek concept.

After hide and seek it's time for running around the table. This is a favorite past time of our kiddo. I'm pretty sure we are going to wear a path in the carpet.

Grandpa and grandpa are taking Riley overnight so we can go to our rental property in the morning and do some maintenance type stuff. It was more than we were expecting, but are grateful to have some one on one time. We have a big night of dinner (out) and movie (in) planned.

4:45 - We head off to The Loop for dinner. I have a craving for fish and want to eat something softer since the jaw still hurts. My husband loves their steak and potatoes salad. First thing my husband does when we get there is text his mom. What a daddy.

Aren't we cute sitting right next to each other in this big booth.

7:00 - On the way home we pick up some wine and arrive home with full bellies. Delighted with my dinner and ready to settle in to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with my honey. I attempt to take a picture of us watching the movie, but don't care for how the first picture turns out:

I decide to give it another try:

I give up, because... how can I top this. Plus, I am crying from laughing so hard. I married a nut.

9:15 - Done with movie. I give it two thumbs up. We both check our computers one last time and head upstairs to read before bed. I make it to 9:40 and decide I've had enough.  Off to sleep I go. Glorious (no toddler in the house) sleep.

PS... I wake the next day with jaw pain, but am alive and feeling better! Must just be some weird one-off thing.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who avoids flushing so as not to wake the toddler :) Sometimes I forget for quite some time. Oh well. Also, the Loop just reminds me of going there once pre-kids with Ben when there was dancing, and him proclaiming it "the worst bar in the entire world" (it was a bit too loud for him) - I liked it though :)

    1. You'd probably never catch us at the Loop if there was dancing. We're a little on the quiet (boring)side. We usually go when it's an off time so it isn't too busy. So far I've always enjoyed the food, but I don't love an item there as much as Jesse likes the salad. The one downside is that I am always cold there. And I don't think they had a changing table there - I recall changing Riley's super poopy diaper in the booth once. I'm sure the people next to us loved that.

  2. Your date night sounds about perfect. And my husband is a big fan of sitting on the same side in a booth, too. I've never heard of the Loop. Will have to check it out.

    Also - I love the drawing on your nursery wall! So charming.

  3. The drawing is actually a wall sticker we purchased. I wish I remembered the website because they had a lot of fun and interesting wall stickers.

  4. Your dining room is just beautiful, I have to tell you. Love everything about it, especially that GORGEOUS front door. Is it weird for me to think a door is gorgeous? :)

    Waking up and having to deal with a leaky wet diaper and soiled sheets is just about my least favorite thing ever.

    1. Thank you! It's funny you mention the front door as we had debated whether to replace it or not. Someone sanded it poorly in the past so it's lost some of it's character and looks kind of beat up when you see it up close(there are weird grooves in it). I'm pretty sure we'll just clean it up and paint it because it does have character.

  5. Your little girl is too cute! I felt so bad for your pre-6am weekend wake-up. So glad you got a toddler-free night of sleep after that! And I'm very, very glad this post did not end with a trip to the ER for a heart attack or shingles (although that would have made for an exciting read). I hope your jaw feels better!

    1. Thanks Lish! I am actually still having jaw issues (and some other weird symptoms), but I think it is related to some new medication that I recently started... and decided to stop taking. I've spoken to a pharmacist and a physician assistant who said pain was a possible side effect, but were both baffled as they hadn't heard of if this specifically. Hopefully, it goes away now that I'm no longer on the meds.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! I would love to add more color to it, but I never seem to get around to it. One day...

  7. Leftover mac and cheese is my favorite!

    1. I wish my daughter liked it a little bit more than she does so I wouldn't be tempted to eat so many of the leftovers!

  8. Lucky you guys getting a night off! Makes me wish my parents lived closer. And I do think its really cute that you guys sit on the same side of the booth. Sadly, I never even thought to sit on the same side as my husband, lol! I always just figured we sit across from eachother so we can chat more easily. Maybe we'll try it next time we go out on a date!
    Thanks for sharing your day!

    1. I am so grateful that my in-laws live nearby. It's so hard to find (and trust) baby sitters... and when you do the cost makes me want to stay home. And you totally have to sit on the same side of the booth. Truth be told we don't often do it either, but I was chilly so I moved closer to him.

  9. I love the first picture of your daughter in the high chair--it looks like it could be an advertisement for something!

  10. I think I may be the only person in my house who "remembers" to flush! Riley is a cutie! And I highly recommend being married to a nut, keeps it nutty!!!

    1. Being married to a nut is the best - I get to laugh all the time. Plus, I can already see that my daughter has a great sense of humor (which I am sure much of came from her dad).


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